Researcher claims he's spotted 2 UFOs on Moon from images captured by Chinese probe

An artist's concept of the ARTEMIS spacecraft in orbit around the Moon
An artist's concept of the ARTEMIS spacecraft in orbit around the Moon NASA

George Graham, a renowned Scottish UFO researcher has spotted two mysterious objects on the lunar surface. The researcher claim that the pictures in which he spotted these anomalies were taken by Chinese lunar probe spacecraft Chang'e 3.

Graham also uploaded the videos of these findings on his YouTube channel 'Streetcap1'. The first video posted on the channel shows a bizarre structure very similar to a humanoid creature. Even though it may be a case of pareidolia where the human mind will form a recognizable image on unrelated patterns, Graham strongly assures that it is a clear-cut evidence of extraterrestrial civilization.

"All body parts are in the correct place here and the head looks like it is wearing a helmet with a visor. You can see what look like hands at the sides. Proportions are correct for shoulders as to the head," wrote Graham in the video's description.

The next video uploaded by George Graham shows a bizarre object captured by Chang'e 3 on the lunar surface. The object has similarities with flying saucers which we have seen in sci-fi Hollywood movies. The UFO researcher claims that the spaceship is hiding behind a rock.

"Something ' built-looking ' hidden behind that big rock," wrote Streetcap1 in the video description.

As both the videos went viral on the internet, conspiracy theorists reiterated their stand that the moon is a secret alien base.

Graham's YouTube channel Streetcap1 on YouTube has more than 70,000 subscribers.

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