Rescuers recover a body on Mt. Fuji after climber falls while livestreaming his ascend

Authorities recovered a body on Japan's highest mountain, at a height of 9,800 ft. Rescue operations began after a man fell down the peak, while live-streaming his climb on social media

Mt. Fuji

The Japanese police has been reported to have found a body on Mt. Fuji at the height of 9,800ft. Authorities are verifying if the body is of the climber who could be seen falling down in a video he live streamed on YouTube. On Monday, a trekker live streamed his ascent of the snow-covered Mt. Fuji, the video he titled "Let's Go to the Snowy Mt. Fuji". In the video that is now taken off the internet, the climber can be seen complaining for several minutes about cold, thick snow, steep slopes and slippery surface, before slipping off the mountain's surface.

"Wait! I am slipping", he could be heard saying in the last few seconds, he could be seen tumbling down the mountain slopes, before the stream stopped. The viewers who watched the live stream are said to have alerted the authorities immediately, local media reported. A team of 10 rescue workers from Shizouka and Yamanashi, the two prefectures that Mt Fuji straddles, began search operations on Tuesday morning, the local Shizouka Police told reporters. They found a body on Wednesday afternoon. The local Shizouka police said that it was too early to say if body recovered is of the live-streamer.

Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain peak in Japan is a volcanic mountain, situated about 100km west of capital Tokyo. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013. The climbing season starts from July and ends in August, though there is no law that prohibits climbing at other time of the year. Though it's discouraged to climb the mountain when it's covered with snow, as it makes the climb of the 12,390-ft tall mountain more dangerous.

Though Mt. Fuji's climbing season ended last month, there is no law prohibiting climbers from climbing it, said police.