Renowned Indian Cardiologist Dr. Rajesh Rajan Makes Significant Contributions to Cardiology Field

Dr. Rajesh Rajan
Dr. Rajesh Rajan, Chairman Board of Governors Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists

Dr. Rajesh Rajan, a distinguished Indian Cardiologist, has emerged as a prominent figure in the field of cardiology through his clinical expertise, ground-breaking research, and active participation in shaping healthcare policies. With an educational background and years of experience, Dr. Rajan has not only established himself as a cardiologist but has also played a vital role in advancing the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Early Education and Academic Achievements

Dr. Rajesh Rajan embarked on his journey to becoming a cardiologist at the Adoor Holy Angels, where he completed his early schooling. He pursued his secondary-level education at Mar Ivanios College in Thiruvananthapuram. Afterwards, he graduated from RUDN University, Russia, where he earned his medical degree. Dr. Rajan further honed his skills through a fellowship in cardiovascular surgery at the prestigious Bakulev Scientific Center of Cardiovascular Surgery.

To expand his knowledge and expertise, Dr. Rajan completed a compulsory rotating resident internship at the Government Medical College in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. He also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Cardiology from the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, followed by a Ph.D. in cardiology from RUDN University. In addition, Dr. Rajan holds an FRCP in cardiology from the Royal College of Physicians in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Ireland. He has been recognized as a fellow of organizations including the European Society of Cardiology, the American College of Cardiology, and the American Heart Association.

Contributions to Education and Training

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Rajesh Rajan is highly dedicated to imparting knowledge and providing training for aspiring cardiologists. He has served as a faculty member for numerous national and international conferences and has conducted several workshops and training programs in cardiology. In 2017, Dr. Rajan's dedication to academia led to his appointment as the supervisor of the undergraduate medical research program (SSS) at the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. He also holds the position of supervisor for the undergraduate medical clinical placement program (PY2CP) at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, in recognition of his expertise, he was appointed as a visiting lecturer at the Medical Institute of RUDN University in 2019.

Association with Prestigious Institutions

Dr. Rajan is closely affiliated with institutions that are at the forefront of cardiac care. He is a member of the medical team at the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences in Trivandrum, where he actively contributes to providing patient care. Additionally, he holds positions at the Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute in Trivandrum, as well as the Sabah Al Ahmad Cardiac Center in Al Amiri Hospital, Kuwait. Dr. Rajan's affiliation with these institutions demonstrates his commitment to delivering the highest standard of cardiovascular care to patients.

Advocating for Affordable Healthcare

In 2018, Dr. Rajesh Rajan played a crucial role in a significant meeting organized by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) of the Government of India. As one of the seven committee members, representing the Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists, Dr. Rajan actively participated in discussions focused on reevaluating the pricing of cardiac stents. This crucial meeting led to a landmark decision to regulate the prices of cardiac stents, ensuring improved affordability and access to life-saving treatments for patients. Furthermore, the NPPA was prompted to propose separate pricing for catheters, balloons, and guide wires in hospital bills, enhancing transparency in healthcare pricing.

Innovations in Cardiology

Dr. Rajan's contributions to the field of cardiology extend beyond his clinical and academic achievements. In collaboration with Kotevski, he proposed a new classification for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) in 2019, named Type IV (R-IV-C), proposed by Dr. Rajan and Kotevski. This classification system modifies Lipton's classification and helps identify the specific type of quadfurcation occurring in a single coronary artery originating from the right aortic sinus. The introduction of this new classification has the potential to assist clinicians in accurately diagnosing and treating patients with single coronary artery anomalies.

Moreover, Dr. Rajan has invented Rajan's Heart Failure Risk Score, an essential tool for clinicians to estimate the risk in patients suffering from "heart failure with reduced ejection fraction" (HFrEF). The heart failure risk score is a user-friendly web-based tool ( that allows clinicians to estimate the risk in heart failure patients. Early identification of high-risk patients enables clinicians to provide targeted interventions, thereby improving outcomes and enhancing patient care.

Dr. Rajesh Rajan's unwavering commitment to advancing the field of cardiology, his notable achievements in clinical practice and research, and his active involvement in shaping healthcare policies continue to have a profound impact on the medical community. With his dedication to education, innovation, and providing affordable access to life-saving treatments, Dr. Rajan exemplifies excellence in the field of cardiology and serves as an inspiration to aspiring cardiologists worldwide.