Remote Teeth Alignment is Becoming a Reality Thanks to U.K.'s Diamond Whites

Diamond Whites

Sometimes, the way to perfection is fraught with suffering, both mental, physical, and aesthetic. Crooked teeth, fear to smile, knowledge of a long uncomfortable treatment ahead with metal braces becoming an unwelcome feature of your face—those are the steps from the realization that the problem needs to be fixed to the orthodontist office. With the advent of invisible aligners, orthodontics has addressed those qualms once and for all. "What is essential is invisible to the eye," wrote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, probably reminiscing the hallucinations while stranded in the African desert after his plane's crash in 1939 and nearly surviving. The invisible aligners have been there for some time now, quite naturally becoming the lynchpin of the dental revolution, almost totally replacing metal braces. Finding the right company that one can trust with such a delicate matter that has a lifelong effect on one's looks and overall health is a daunting task.

At least for U.K. customers, the task is not that hard given that they can fully and wholeheartedly rely on Diamond Whites, a true industry leader that has mastered the art of the invisible. The company was founded by Ben Reed and Dr. Richard Marques, a Harley Street celebrity dentist. What sets Diamond Whites apart and places them ahead of competitors is the opportunity they offer to do the teeth straightening and whitening from the comfort of your home. This comes especially handy at the time of the lockdown when most people are forced to postpone their dental visits. Here is how it works. You get an impression kit from the company by mail, complete with instructions on having your dental impressions properly taken at home. The next step is sending the impression back to the company to get a set of aligners from them later. Instead of sending the impression back, one can visit one of their 30 scan centers in Great Britain, where qualified personnel will take digital impressions instead. Once done, they send you a 3D Visual of how your teeth will look after the alignment. The entire treatment for most people takes around three to six months. If somebody has trouble going through the procedure, the company has full support from qualified dental staff and a clinic in the London area.

No wonder the company has been in the news recently in the wake of the announcement of the raising of £550,000 in Pre-Series A funding from Moscar Capital L.P. Following the round, Diamonds Whites is valued north of £6.8 million.

According to Reed and Dr. Marques, with Diamond Whites saving customers the time and money, being on average 70% more affordable than its competitors, the company has established itself as a market leader for at-home teeth treatment.

To learn more about Diamond Whites, visit their website.