Remember BBC Dad? Here he's again wishing fans 'Merry Christmas'

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BBC Dad Twitter

Remember professor, Robert Kelly? The BBC Dad—who attained global fame after a video of his mischievous kids went viral early this year—has wished all his fans a 'Merry Christmas.' He wrote on his Twitter account, "Merry Christmas. To all the people who follow me because of the video or my children, thank you. We are flattered by your kindness."

Early this year, on a live BBC program, while reporting political insights on the situation between South and North Korea, Robert's interview turned into a hilarious comedy of errors after his children bombarded into the room. His toddler daughter, who just finished her birthday celebration at school, just barged into his room to share her exciting experience. She was soon followed by her baby brother. And finally, their horrified mom had to drag the children out of the room.

Here is the video:

The video went viral immediately and soon the family appeared on a special show in BBC. He was christened as the BBC Dad and his children became world famous. Ever since, professor Robert has a massive fan following on his Twitter account. An array of comic videos and memes aroused based on the video. And yes, his daughter too has a massive fan following!

And the after-effects:

This article was first published on December 25, 2017