The Remarkable Success of 20-Year-Old Instagrammer Cole Morgan Offers Inspiring Tips for Growing on Instagram

Cole Morgan

Cole Morgan is a 20-year-old entrepreneur that has reached the heights of success thanks to creating viral content on Instagram. He started out sharing hilarious and shocking viral memes that quickly grew his audience from zero to 40K in a manner of months. He made $30K in the first four months of running his @sluringz Instagram page. Since then, he's been developing more Instagram pages and getting into social media marketing. With over 3 million followers combined, he has some inspiring tips to share for others looking to grow their presence on Instagram.

Instagram is an ever-changing platform. The highly-advanced algorithm is practically an artificial intelligence mechanism for delivering certain types of content to certain types of people. There are countless factors that are taken into account by this algorithm, and not all of them are known to the public. After all, Instagram is closed-source. However, people like Cole have been able to unlock some of the mysteries. With a little bit of trial-and-error and help from friends, Cole has figured out what works to grow an audience on Instagram and what doesn't.

Above everything else, Cole recommends networking with others who have similar interests and follower counts. That way, you're all on the same page, more or less, and are willing to help each other out.

Another golden nugget of wisdom from Cole is to avoid comparing yourself to others. You can never successfully just copy what someone else is doing in hopes of achieving the same level of success. You need to find your own way of doing things, so that you stand out from the competition. Pick an interest or niche that you really enjoy and are passionate about. Then, invest in it. Invest your time and energy into making it as engaging as possible. Interact with followers so that there is a sense of community and friendship. The level of confidence that you reach will become magnetic, attracting others to your page and inspiring them.

Cole made a name for himself early on, and you can as well. For Cole, it was dancing behind two girls while they were fighting. That video he made when 18 went viral. You have to be creative and do something that will turn heads and glue eyes to the creative content. Also, you can manage more than one Instagram page. Today, Cole enjoys a massive following of over half a million followers on his @sluringz page, with 2.5 million more followers spread out across his other Instagram pages.

These days, besides doing paid promotions and affiliate marketing, Cole is also providing social media marketing help to brands and influencers who are struggling to grow their pages. If you need some help, then you can reach out to Cole on his personal Instagram page here. That's where can also find links to his viral memes pages that are showcases of his incredible success in the wide world of Instagram.