"Relatable and value-driven content will work the best over the digital domain", says entrepreneur Naman Arora

Naman Arora

Creating relevant content requires a proper understanding of the target audience and the latest market trends. Valuable content drives brand awareness, increased demand for the products as well as the company's revenue. With the rise of digitalization, there are many content creators and content creation agencies that are serving the audience with trendy content. Looking at the upsurge, digital entrepreneur Naman Arora feels that value-driven content will be a trend dominating this year.

He is the founder of 'Data Art Information Technology', a 360-degree agency that helps with all the digital solutions to its clients. The Delhi-based company provides a variety of services including social media app development and management, network services, infrastructure, software development, web development, marketing, data classification and analysis. Moreover, Naman has also been a digital consultant to many brands and companies that are transcending into the wave of digital change.

Arora says, "Relatable and value-driven content will work the best over the digital domain. Customers are constantly looking at different kinds of content every day. It means that they have options to be choosy in terms of content consumption. The best, original and innovative content will work brilliantly. As per my experience, brands should think about creative ways of bringing value to their customers." With a majority of his clients in India and the UAE, the entrepreneur juggles between two countries for work.

The 29-year throughout these years have worked hard to achieve the best of things in life. Besides being a digital past master, he is a creative genius as he believes that creativity runs in his veins. The passionate entrepreneur is also a tattoo artist who has showcased his exemplary art through some of his best designs. With a deadly combination of having a business mind and a creative mind, Mr Arora has truly given versatility a new meaning.