Rejuvenating Their Father's Passion: Danny and Gabe Arik Create The Jeweler Of The Future, Happy Jewelers

Danny and Gabe Arik

In the bustling Istanbul bazaar back in the 1970s, Isa Arik was hard at work selling his custom-crafted jewelry. An entrepreneur at heart, Isa left the family farm to pursue a career as a jeweler. As he was working hard to provide for his family, he was also acting as a role model for his two sons: Gabe and Danny. Quickly learning what it took to be an entrepreneur by way of their father's work ethic, the boys began selling water to the bazaar patrons. This partnership would last for a long time and eventually blossom into Happy Jewelers, one of Southern California's most impressive jewelry stores.

In 2000, the Arik brothers entered the jewelry business when they opened Happy Jewelersin Fullerton, California. The brothers built the store upon a foundation that combines what they had learned from their father over years of shadowing him, as well as new ideas they knew could benefit the jewelry industry. Top of the line customer service and custom designs that meet their clientele's every need are just two aspects of their business model that have skyrocketed Happy Jewelers to the top of the jewelry game in Southern California.

"We continue the family tradition of providing the same superb quality, customer service, value, and level of care," Gabe states. "We demand the best, so we offer unsurpassed quality at wholesale pricing, directly from our factory to you."

Always going the extra mile for each and every one of their customers, no matter the cost of the piece of jewelry they are buying, the Arik brothers have set the pace for their competitors as to how customers should be treated. Any customer settling for less than perfect customer service is obviously unfamiliar with Happy Jewelers and should consider changing jewelers soon.

Beyond direct customer service, the Arik brothers have made it a point to satisfy the needs of their local community as well. Between partnering with local business and hospitals and hosting local events, Happy Jewelers has become a staple of philanthropy within the Fullerton area. A socially mindful company, Happy Jewelers continues to set the standard for success in the jewelry industry nationwide.

Whether they are dealing with partners, new customers, returning customers, or even their competitors, Gabe and Danny Arik treat everyone as if they are a part of their family. It is through this notion and attitude that Happy Jewelers is able to provide personal and intimate pieces of jewelry for any monumental moment in their customers' lives.

To learn more about Happy Jewelers and the Arik family, visit the company website and Instagram page.