Rehat Kathuria merges technology and photography for his start-up

Rehat Kathuria

A photograph has the power to show you a whole new world, explore an unfamiliar culture, and move you with its story. Photos can create empathy with strangers, bring back memories from so long ago that you had forgotten, and enlighten us with their unique perspectives on life. Without photography or artists, we would never know what it looked like when sheep grazed in a Scottish field or how much of the sky was covered in stars at night.

Rehat Kathuria, founder, artist, and photographer behind "Eff" commenced his journey into analog photography during his early teens. His English teacher gifted him a Praktica MTL 5. A gift that sparked his curiosity with photography and ultimately, the physical medium of the photographic print. Inspired by renowned darkroom printer Ansel Adams, Rehat started experimenting in his makeshift darkroom soon after. He became fascinated by the process of creating prints; understanding how the different spectrum of light affects the tonality and density of a silver gelatin traditional print. .

Rehat found himself in his makeshift darkroom for hours. The darkroom conditions were highly unforgiving, but Rehat's passion for analog photography urged him to persevere. After gaining some experience and understanding, he began using new elements of photography, such as color, which shaped the science of photography into a proper art form.

Following his passion, Rehat decided to commence his start-up "Eff" with his intention to modernise analog photography. "Emulsion," a highly accurate film digitising software allows users to convert their film negatives into high-quality digital images.. With the help of machine learning, custom film stock rendering profiles, and various advanced algorithms, "Emulsion" brings aims to revolutionise analog photography. Later, he plans to explore hardware products optimized for modern analog photography.

His entrepreneurial journey is truly inspiring. Photography is an extremely tough and competitive field to be in. However, Rehat's perseverance shines through as he describes how he had to work hard to create his success. With a clear plan and vision, experience, and knowledge in photography, Rehat is moving into the future with confidence and persistence.

Rehat's background as a photographer and his experience in the area will help him in his entrepreneurial journey. But what differentiates him from other entrepreneurs is his revolutionary idea of merging traditional photography methods with modern technology. Rehat will be taking "Eff" to the next level and continues to work on his plans for the future.