Reham Khan: Journalist and Ex-Wife of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan Shot At by Unknown Men

Reham's was attacked by two unknown gunmen who fired shots at her car while she was returning from her nephew's wedding on Sunday night.

Reham Khan, journalist and the ex-wife of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, narrowly escaped a gun attack in Islamabad on Sunday night after shots were fired at her car. In a series of late-night tweets, Reham slammed Imran Khan over the country's law and order and asked if is this "Imran Khan's New Pakistan".

She wrote that she had "just changed" the vehicle and that her secretary and driver were in the car, when the shots were fired. The attack took place while Reham was returning from a wedding party of one of her relatives.

Unexpected Attack

Reham Khan
Reham Khan YouTube grab

On Sunday night, while Reham was returning form the wedding of one of her nephews, her car was attacked, with unidentified gunmen firing multiple shots at her car. Moments later, Reham took to Twitter to explain the entire incident and slam Imran Khan.

She wrote that she had just changed the vehicle and her secretary and driver were inside the car. "On the way back from my nephew's marriage my car just got fired at & two men on a motorbike held vehicle at gunpoint!! I had just changed vehicles. My PS & driver were in the car. This is Imran Khan's New Pakistan? Welcome to the state of cowards, thugs & the greedy!!," she tweeted.

However, she didn't stop there. She slammed her ex-husband and Prime minister Imran Khan and held the government responsible for the incident. Reham, in multiple updates on her Twitter handle, complained that she and her staff had to wait for hours to get an FIR registered.

Imran Khan
Imran Khan Reuters

"It's 9 am. My PS [personal secretary] and team have not had a minute of sleep and the FIR still has not been registered in Shams Colony Police Station Islamabad. [The] investigation is ongoing," she tweeted Monday morning.

Pakistan in Turmoil

Reham is known for being a vocal journalist who doesn't miss on opportunity to criticize the Pakistani government. This time, she was livid at both Imran Khan and his administration.

Imran and Reham Khan
Imran and Reham Khan YouTube grab

"I choose to live & die like the average Pakistani in Pakistan. Whether it was a cowardly targeted attack or just the state of lawlessness on the main highway of the twin cities...this so called government should be held accountable for it! For my homeland I can take a bullet!," she wrote.

On Monday morning local time, Reham shared a copy of her complaint filed at the police station. According to the complaint, Reham's car was on the Rawalpindi-Islamabad highway near the IJP Road when she and her team were attacked by two armed men. The suspects were between the ages of 25 and 30.

Three sections of Pakistan Penal Code were included in the FIR, namely Section 506 II (punishment for criminal intimidation), Section 341 (punishment for wrongful restraint) and Section 511 (punishment for attempting to commit offences)