Reggae Singer Johnny Nash Dies Aged 80 at Houston Home; Fans Recollect Iconic Songs

The legendary pop and reggae singer made his major label debut with 'A Teenager Sings the Blues'.

Legendary pop and reggae singer Johnny Nash, who rose to fame with his 1972 hit single 'I Can See Clearly Now', passed away on Tuesday morning. The late icon was 80 years old when he breathed his last at his home in Houston.

According to CNN, the singer-songwriter passed away from natural causes. No specific cause for the singer's death was given. The late icon had reportedly been in declining health for the past few months. Nash is survived by his wife Carli Nash, son Johnny Jr. and daughter Monica.

Nash, born in Houston, entered the music scene and made his major label debut in 1957 with 'A Teenager Sings the Blues'. The singer became a household name with a cover of Doris Day's 'A Very Special Love' in early 1958. Nash's insanely popular 1972 single 'I Can See Clearly Now' remained at the top of the chart for nearly four weeks with the singer saying that the song was one of hope and courage for individuals who have experienced adversity in their lives but have overcome it.

The late singer's interest in the reggae genre was clear and true. He traveled to Jamaica in 1968, where he met Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. He even covered three songs by Marley on the album that came out under that title — co-writing a fourth with him, 'You Poured Sugar on Me'. Nash was also one of the first non-Jamaican singers to record reggae music in Kingston, Jamaica.

According to Deadline, the singer also took up acting and enjoyed a brief film career. He co-starred as a member of Dennis Hopper's L.A. street gang in the 1960 noir 'Key Witness'. He also starred in the 1959 screen version of the play 'Take a Giant Step', which scored a Golden Globe nomination for Best Film Promoting International Understanding. The late icon also received the Silver Sail at the 1960 Locarno International Film Festival, an award given for the humanity and intensity of his performance.

The singer also lent his voice for the theme song of a 1960 cartoon show 'The Mighty Hercules'. He also co-topped the 1971 Swedish drama 'Love Is Not a Game'. The singer had minor hits in between after his insanely popular 1972 single and then one more top 20 hit after that with a cover of Marley's 'Stir It Up'. His last studio album 'Here Again' appeared in 1986 after which he produced a Swedish hit 'Rock Me Baby'.

After the news of his demise, several fans and followers worldwide shared their condolences on social media. Many took to Twitter to shower love and warmth on the late singer. One user wrote, "I am very sad to say that a great singer has passed on into heaven hIs name is JOHNNY NASH . I loved your song I can see clearly now. So here is that song I CAN SEE CLEARLY . LOVE YOU JOHNNY."

Another person tweeted, "RIP #JohnnyNash. This song helped me through many a dark day. "Nash's most popular hit, "I Can See Clearly Now" released in 1972 & reflected his reggae influences. Taken from an album of same name, the single reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold one million copies."

Another user wrote, "So sorry to hear that Johnny Nash has passed away. His voice was beautiful. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind.. #RIPJohnnyNash."

Another one tweeted, "This song was dedicated to me by the love of my life, as I fought through depression. His song will always have a special place in my heart. May Johnny Nash Rest in Paradise."

Another one wrote, "RIP kindred soul. Turning all of this to the positive is the order of the day. Here's a song for you... I Can See Clearly Now - Edit by Johnny Nash."

Nash's lyrics from his hit single 'I Can See Clearly Now' were among his most famous lines ever. Apart from Johnny Nash, rock icon Eddie Van Halen also passed away due to his long downhill battle with cancer.