Regaining confidence will lead to the door of light and success - A motivating story of Hemant Kumar

Hemant Kumar

Greater self-confidence helps you to feel liberation from self-doubt and pessimistic feelings about yourself. Experiencing more fearlessness and less anxiety. Greater confidence makes you more likely to take wise chances and more capable of going beyond your comfort zone. To have better liberty from social anxiety.

Today we will talk about a guy who has faced low self confidence in many aspects of his life but now he has regained back his confidence and is doing extremely well.

Hemant Kumar was born and brought up in Delhi. He has finished his MBA in finance and worked for seven years in the banking industry, and is now a certified bodyweight training coach with 10 years of experience.

He belongs to a family that is Orthodox. His dad worked for the government and his mother was a PGD. His parents were hard-working and he saw their hardships as well. He suffered from Bronchitis in childhood and he used to get sick mostly 5-6 times in one year. He endured poor fitness, up to the 10th grade. His friends made him realize like he was thin and frail. His self-esteem and trust were poor, and he used to be fearful of doing some things. Up until the first year of college, he felt helpless and appalled. Because of his slim frame, he had little confidence. All in his school used to call him a girl because of his skinny body structure. That's why he didn't attend college as much in his first year, because he was very thin. He was terrified that someone would laugh at him, just like the pupils at his school used to laugh at him. His parents felt that he was not focused on studies, but that he suffered from an inferiority complex.

From childhood onwards, this complex of inferiority was developed within him and the tragic thing was that he did not share this with others.

He learned after his 1st year at college that it was high time for him to take a step forward and reflect on his good health. He was just aware about constructing his body at the time. Though he was thin, that was why creating a safe and good-looking body was the only picture he had in his head. He first did weight lifting. According to him, he spent three years of training and everything about his training was about the transformation of the body and not about the health of the body. He continued eating and exercising, eating and exercising alone, and his result was a bloated body in the end. He suffered from liver enlargement and several other health complications due to his extra feeding routine. And he was back to his skinny phase again.

He struggled a lot, according to him, because of a lack of awareness about fitness. He was feeling anxiety and depression when he was back to his skinny phase. A catastrophe emerged in his life after he finished his MBA, when he lost his mother. All these things made him feel very vulnerable, and that is why he suffered from depression and anxiety. He was put in a bank, but all these injuries forced him to withdraw leaves from his workplace.

Having zero self-confidence is the key to the doors of failure and darkness but when you regain your confidence back then it will automatically lead you to the doors of success and light.

He quit his whole working curriculum and he came across a video on calisthenics that hit him hard on his mind and heart once he was sitting idly in his home and was browsing through YouTube.

He had planned to devote a year to studying bodyweight training. After a year, he felt deeply that the bodyweight training was just for him. What separates Hemant from most people is that he first heard about bodyweight training in detail rather than copying from YouTube tutorials. According to him, you need to learn basic knowledge first, whether it's dance, music, or something else, and that's what he did. As well as doing his work on the side, he read academic papers and books about calisthenics. He's an athlete who's self-trained and he's very proud of that. He used to drive himself a lot; he used to do exercise, learn new movements, and work in the workplace as well. After a few years, he built his Instagram profile. He began creating a blog. His motive was not to be something or an influencer. He began the blog to document the process he is proud of and his transition. He just felt that he would be very proud of himself after five years of seeing his transformation and hard work. He's offered 10 years of bodyweight training and he's going to keep doing it. He believed in uniformity. In his preparation, he put enormous hard work into it. He continued his preparation each day. He has done so much and he likes doing it. His passion and appreciation for his job motivated him to fulfill his ambitions and priorities.

His message to all is that it doesn't matter who you are, what you are, or what people think about you; you need 4 main ingredients that is discipline, consistency, focus, and dedication.