Reel to real : 'Father is Strange' co-stars Jung So Min, Lee Joon finally confirm relationship

Jung So Min and Lee Joon surprise fans by making their relationship official

Lee Joon And Jung So Min
Lee Joon And Jung So Min Confirmed To Be Dating Twitter

The co-stars of "Father is Strange", Jung So Min and Lee Joon have officially confirmed their relationship.

Jellyfifish Entertainment released a statement that said, "Jung So Min first met Lee Joon as a co-star on 'Father is Strange,' and they began dating in October. We would be grateful if everyone would watch over them warmly."

Prain TPC also conveyed on behalf of Lee Joon saying, "Lee Joon is currently in a relationship with Jung So Min, who he met through 'Father is Strange.' They began dating in October and are currently very supportive of each other. Lee Joon is currently getting plenty of rest so that he can do his best when he returns to the army after his break ends."

According to NaverTV, the duo is currently in a relationship and ended the year together by enjoying a romantic date on December 29, 2017.

They are also said to have visited a department store in Pangyo, where they shopped for scarves together.

Lee Joon who is on a five-day leave from the army spent a large portion of time with girlfriend Jung So Min.

The K-waves' latest couple fell in love on the set of KBS 2 TV's weekend drama "Father is strange" which had gained huge attention and recognition from the audience.

Jung So Min who had gained popularity through rom-com drama "Playful kiss" got major acceptance for her role in her recent drama "Father is strange".

The drama came to an end in August 2017 and since then the couple has been reportedly dating.

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Lee Joon starred in a recent popular tvN drama "Because This is My First Life" and was recognized for his talents as an actor.

He was just enlisted in the army in October 2017 and received appraisal during basic training for his high grades.

Seems like the couple gave an overwhelming news for fans this new year and they are extremely overjoyed. They even congratulated the couple on social media.

When asked if she is expecting to receive any awards at the end-of-the-year awards show in an interview, Jung So Min responded saying that she did. The actress had high anticipations for her works. She added, "If I could receive one, I'd like the Best Couple Award [with Lee Joon]", which of course hinted at her relationship with co-star turned lover Lee Joon.

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This article was first published on January 1, 2018