Who compliments Park Bo Gum more? Kim Yoo Jung or Red Velvet's Irene

Park Bo Gum and Red Velvet's Irene hosted KBS music television program, Music Bank for 13 months

Red Velvet's Irene is envious of Kim Yoo Jung. The young singer feels that she compliments Park Bo Gum more than anyone else in the K-pop scene.

On September 24, KBS2 featured actor Park Bo Gum for its 'charm investigation' segment on Entertainment Weekly. And it was Irene, who had a few love-filled strong opinions for the rising Hallyu star. When asked to relay about Bo Gum's most adorable feature, the 25-year-old instantly said 'his gaze'. Irene revealed that she loves the way he looks at other people.

Furthermore, the singer-turned-actress also talked about Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and Bo Gum's co-star Kim Yoo Jung. She stated she loves the chemistry between the two, however, she joked that she shares better chemistry with the 23-year-old: "We were able to joke around while on live broadcast. In that particular aspect, wouldn't we be better?" Irene relayed.

Irene and Park Bo Gum shared a great bond as MC's on KBS music television program, Music Bank. The duo hosted the show for the 13 months and was apparently loved by all. However, both of the presenters decided to step down due to their tough schedules.

While the pair enjoyed their stint as presenters, they seemed quite saddened to bid adieu. Both Bo Gum and Irene also reminisced about the time spent well together in one of the past interviews. When asked about their mind set on leaving the show, the duo seemed quite melancholic.

Bo Gum admitted: "I only feel upset. Not the kind that feels relieving, but just plain sadness."

While on the other side, Irene depicted similar feelings. She said: "It feels a little strange and out of place."