Red Velvet's Irene Spotted First Time Since 'Attitude' Row, Planning a Comeback?

SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Soo has announced that Red Velvet is going to make a comeback soon. The group has made it clear that Irene is still a member of the Kpop group.

Latest images of Kpop star Red Velvet's Irene are making rounds on social media, for the first time after the singer was caught in the attitude controversy. Despite Irene apologizing to the person who was hurt by her attitude, netizens kept on posting hate comments, forcing Irene to keep herself away from social media.

The latest image was posted by Irene and her Red Velvet teammate Yeri. The image includes Yeri, Irene, Joy, and Seulgi posing for a photo shoot. With this, the group has made it clear that Irene is still part of Red Velvet. Meanwhile, a good news for Red Velvet fans who supported the comeback of group as well as Irene. SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Soo made a statement and said that Red Velvet will soon make a comeback.

Red Velvet Irene
Kpop group Red Velvet's Irene to make a comeback with the group soon. Instagram

Hate Messages And Apology

The group faced a lot of hate messages after the news of Irene being rude to a stylist was made public through Instagram. Editor Kang Kook Hwa wrote a post stating how she was insulted by the singer. This became a huge issue as the post was shared on various social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook.

Soon, there were two groups on the internet, one despising Irene and the other supporting the singer. Though her attitude was not supported, many also posted about the soft side and nature of Irene. Following the huge uproar, Irene personally apologized to Kook Hwa.

But this was not enough to make the netizens anger subside. Soon, Red Velvet faced the wrath of netizens as the group was not welcomed during public events. Red Velvet members were chosen as the ambassadors of the Korean Cultural festival that was held in October.

But due to hate messages the group had to pull out of the event. Red Velvet's performance was also edited from 2020 Ontact Gangnam festival while streaming it on TV.

Red Velvet latest photo shoot:

Brand Image Damaged

Just before the controversy broke, in September, Irene was announced as the ambassador for Prada. But following the controversy many companies she had modelled for took down Irene's image from their products. Many brands including CLINIQUE removed Irene's picture from their stores.

Irene's original name is Bae Joo Hyun. She is the leader of the group Red Velvet and also its sub-unit Red Velvet - Irene and Seulgi. With hate messages dying down slowly, it looks like the group has gathered courage to come before the public again. However, details of their comeback single are yet to be announced.

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