Is Red-Haired French Teacher Johnny Depp's New Love Interest? Social Media Speculates

Johnny Depp, The Pirates of the Caribbean star, did not waste much time to mend his heart as he is publicly seen hanging around with a red-haired woman who is being referred to as the "new love" of his life on social media.

Depp was spotted with this mysterious red-haired woman on Sunday during the rehearsal at the Arena Santa Giuliana.

The ongoing speculations of social media followers point towards Depp's cheerful mood in the photographs with his "mystery woman" adding that he seems to have fallen in love once again. A faction of followers also stated that he has put behind all the "hurt and humiliation" caused by his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Will Soon Lose Interest in His Newfound Love

However, some of Depp's detractors feel that nothing is permanent in his life and that his interest in his so called "newfound love" will fizzle in a short span.

The actor was in Italy to perform at the Umbria Jazz Festival alongside fellow rocker, Jeff Beck with whom he has been performing for over a month, when he got clicked with a female companion while he was coming out of a van, stated a report published by Depp was wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, which he paired with a brown fedora hat and black boots while his red-haired woman pal was spotted in shorts and a green T-shirt, accompanied by low-heel brown sandals, a matching brown belt and sunglasses, the report stated further.

"OMG this is classic! Johnny Depp Continues Music Gigs in Italy, With Cute Red-Head in Tow," commented a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user wrote, "Johnny Depp Continues Music Gigs in Italy, With Cute Red-Head in Tow: Johnny Depp is a man about town -- perhaps even more so now that the Amber Heard drama seems to finally be in his rear-view ... and on the horizon, maybe a new flame! JD was seen..."

"Mr. Rottenborn was born rotten. I couldn't stand him and the jury couldn't stand his client. The lady in green might be Johnny Depp's new love interest. Captain Jack Sparrow might have to snatch this sassy lass up from the briny sea of Rottenborn lol," read a tweet.

Meanwhile, TMZ has reported that the mystery woman has been identified as a French teacher, who will be helping Depp in his new movie.