Recruiting With A New Mindset

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ReachExt K.K.

For a corporation, getting the work done correctly is all about hiring the right person to do the job. And this is one of the biggest challenges that recruiters face today. Because it is hard to make the choice when you have such a huge sea of potential candidates to choose from.

To streamline your hiring process and to make life easier, you need the services of a dedicated recruitment agency. That can find 'your people' in the most effective and time-efficient manner.
ReachExt K.K. is one of the fastest-growing recruitment companies based in Tokyo, Japan. Co- founded by Himanshu Jain, the company has proven to be paramount in connecting deserving and talented individuals with top companies in Japan and APAC.

What Is ReachExt K.K.?

ReachExt K.K. is a recruitment agency with a special goal in mind.

"Our mission with ReachExt is to help extend businesses beyond their reach. We aim to become the enablers for bridging the gap between global corporations and multilingual and multicultural talent. Our services are meant for business initiatives in Japan and Japanese corporations who want to extend their reach outside Japan," says Himanshu, the Managing Director of the company.

With over a decade of diversified experience, Himanshu has experiences with companies from various technical backgrounds. Working with Indian, European, and then American companies taught the Co-founder that Japan needs more diversity in its workforce.

What Is The Inspiration Behind ReachExt K.K.?

The M.D of ReachExt K.K says, "I had the task of hiring two bilingual senior program and account managers at my job. These roles were very critical for my employer at the time. So, we sent the job descriptions to many recruitment companies but with no luck."

This is when during an informal discussion with the HR Manager, Naoko Takahashi, the idea of ReachExt K.K. was born. The pair then started working on their ambition. And in a span of just four months, they co-founded the company.

How Is ReachExt K.K. Different?

"We did not have any traditional experience in the recruitment industry when we started ReachExt K.K. But we both had worked in companies that needed recruitment services. So, we understood exactly what kind of expectations companies have and the challenges they face while recruiting candidates. Because of our better knowledge, we are more valuable to our clients than other generic recruiting agencies," says Himanshu.

The Co-founder of the company believes that letting go of old biases and having open communication is the way to move forward. This helps organizations find suitable employees for the long run.

Future Plans

With their motto "Extending your Reach" in mind, Himanshu says, "Aside from offering our recruitment services, we also plan to extend our help to companies that are entering the Japanese market as well as Japanese companies that are expanding abroad."

In the upcoming months, ReachExt K.K. plans to launch its web portal. This will provide important resources to job seekers both in Japan and around the world to help them launch their careers in Japan.

This article was first published on May 25, 2021