The Recipe of Success. Online Influencer Avi Agarwal on How He Was Able To Generate $100,000 in Five Months with Content Creation

Avi Agarwal

According to a 2020 report by SignalFire, there are over 50 million content creators composed of social media influencers, bloggers, and videographers who utilize software and advertising tools to assist in their growth and monetization. Hubspot also reported that content creators earn an average salary of $44,192 annually, even reaching up to $58,500. This does not include other streams of income related to the field, including paid partnerships or advertised content. It's no surprise that those who specialize in content creation are undoubtedly in high demand.

Famous social media influencer Avi Agarwal shares his insights on surpassing these figures, earning a whopping $100,000 from content creation in just five months.

Avi Agarwal's success in content creation

Avi Agarwal is one of the most prominent social media influencers that creates quirky content on social media platforms, like TikTok videos and Instagram or Facebook Reels. Best known for his magic tricks and comedy, Avi started out appealing only to the teenage demographic. His continuous effort in making funny, catchy, and interesting content has led to the growth of his social media platforms, with more than 500k TikTok followers and around 145k Facebook followers coming from various age groups.

As a renowned content creator, Avi gets paid based on views, engagements, and partnerships with brands and social media platforms. Some of his notable achievements include partnering with brands such as Byte and Medusa's Armour and having an official partnership with Facebook for the platform's Reels.

"Facebook invited me in to make content for them where I was able to monetize my reels. I made over $100,000 over the past 5 months by posting content just for Facebook. The biggest earning of one month was $35000, which varied from there on," Avi shares.

Avi Agarwal's brilliant recipe for success

1. Utilize unique skills

Avi's journey in content creation started at the prime of TikTok's popularity. His content centered around magic and comedy, which instantly made him viral.

The content creator admits that the competition is tough, especially with other magicians and comedians releasing the same content as his, but that did not stop Avi from standing out. He used his Master's Degree in Acting to his advantage, which gave him the edge and catchy approach to what has already been a common kind of content. According to Avi, maximizing unique skills is a vital key to success.

"I feel like my MFA in acting has trained me to be so comfortable in front of the camera that making content comes naturally to me. I am also able to use my filmmaking skills and knowledge to make my content stand out as I can edit and color correct my own content, which definitely gives it a way more personal touch. So basically, having knowledge and experience in the film world has made it easier for me," he shares.

2. Keep updated with how algorithms work

Doing great content is one thing, but learning how algorithms work can make a content creator succeed better than everyone else. Avi reiterates that the videos should meet the algorithm's requirements reach a wide audience, get shared often, and be viewed repeatedly. More views equate to higher monetization.

Avi's magic tricks played to the algorithm's advantage. People found it interesting enough to share with their friends and watched it repeatedly enough to learn how he did the trick. It was not surprising that his magic trick videos got over 40 million views within a short period of time.

3. Be versatile

Aside from favorable algorithms, Avi also shares that the content creator's readiness to make various kinds of videos, especially funny ones, is also vital to success.

"For example, Will Smith's slap at the Oscar. Influencers started making a parody of this incident, and whoever came out first cashed on the most, and then the rest of the crowd followed. Some of these went viral. Constantly coming out with current topic content is very important," Avi expounds.

Passion above all else

Avi says the desire to make people happy with his content is his key to success. "I just want to bring out content that people enjoy. I just want to make sure I can make people smile and be able to entertain them right on their phones, making them forget their problems and worries even for a little while," Avi proudly shares.

Content creation is an art that requires dedication and passion. Content creators have the power to create content that tells a story and moves an audience. They have the ability to inspire, motivate, and entertain. With passion and dedication, content creators have the potential to create content that has a lasting impact.