Rebecca Joynes: Manchester Teacher Impregnated by One of Her Students While on Bail for Having Sexual Relationship with Another Jailed for Six-and-a-Half Years

Joynes, also known as "Bunda Becky" by the students, was released on bail and was ordered not to speak to any minors, and had her employment suspended.

A pedophile teacher who had sex with two schoolboys, grooming one with a $500 Gucci belt and getting pregnant with the other while on bail, broke down in tears on Thursday as she was sentenced to six and a half years in prison. Rebecca Joynes, 30, threatened to "let no one find out" about her abuse of the first student.

However, the 15-year-old soon told a friend on Snapchat, after which she secretly snapped a photo of the math teacher and forwarded it to him. She was convicted of six counts of engaging in sexual activity with a child, including two while being a person in a position of trust.

Sexual Predator

Rebecca Joynes
Rebecca Joynes X

Arranging an after-school meeting for the child, identified as Boy A, Joynes took him to the Trafford Centre in Manchester, where she purchased a $500 Gucci belt from Selfridges. The entire transaction was captured on "crystal clear" CCTV.

She then drove in her white Audi to her stylish Salford Quays one-bedroom apartment where they had sex twice. After their liaison became public over the weekend, she was sent home from school on Monday, and footage of the police arriving at her house to make an arrest was captured.

Joynes, also known as "Bunda Becky" by the students, was released on bail and was ordered not to speak to any minors, and had her employment suspended.

However, she 'very openly' started a long-term sexual connection with teenager B, another teenager she had tutored, while she awaited trial.

After playing a game of "surprises," she told him she was expecting a child and gave him a baby grow decorated with the words "Best Dad."

Not The First Teacher

Rebecca Joynes
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Joynes is not the only British teacher to have broken the trust of their students and disparaged the field in recent years. Last year, 29-year-old high school teacher Ieuan Bartlett was jailed for having sex with a "vulnerable" girl.

Kandice Barber, a teaching assistant, was sentenced to six years and two months in prison in 2021 for having sex with a 15-year-old student in a field, and cover teacher Fatinham Hossain assaulted a kid before trying to intimidate him into keeping quiet.

The former teacher, who was wearing a black padded jacket, gold jewelry, and blonde highlights in her hair, was jailed today at Manchester Crown Court. Joynes shook visibly and sobbed.

Judge Kate Cornell gave the defendant a sentence that included the words, "There is a breathtaking arrogance in your conduct. You are the adult.

"You were the person in control, the person who should have known better and entrusted by the school and the boys and by their parents of caring for their sons.

"Instead, you abused that position of trust and exploited the privileged role for your own sexual gratification."

Judge Cornell stated that her crimes demonstrated a "significant degree of planning" and grooming behavior, including the 'fabricated game' to give Boy A her mobile phone number.

She added that Joynes had been a high achiever but "chose to throw that away."