Reasons why Redmi Note 8 will uphold Redmi Note 7's legacy

Xiaomi File photo (IANS) IANS

Xiaomi is on top of its game in India with sales that vouch for its success. The Chinese smartphone giant continues to give more and more reasons for its fans to be excited about new products and the anticipation is through the roof for its upcoming smartphone. Xiaomi might not have confirmed it, but the Redmi Note 8 is just around the corner and the company has left enough breadcrumbs to follow.

Before we get to the Redmi Note 8 prospects, it's worth noting that the upcoming smartphone has some tough shoes to fill. The Redmi Note 7 was one of the company's best smartphones, and not just in terms of price to performance ratio. One of Xiaomi's biggest milestones is the success of Redmi Note 7 series, which crossed 10 million sales in just 129 days of launch. In India, the series had crossed 1 million sales in a month and raced past the 2 million mark in 2 months.

As mind-boggling as these numbers seem, the Redmi Note 8 might have a chance to beat Xiaomi's own record. Replacing one of the most critically-acclaimed smartphones in the industry is not an easy task, but it might not be as hard just by looking at the way rumours are painting the Redmi Note 8 to be.

Based on the information available, we've gathered some of the top reasons why Redmi Note 8 will uphold Redmi Note 7's legacy.

64MP quad camera

There's no concrete evidence linking the Redmi Note 8 to a 64MP quad-camera setup, but the timing of Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing showcasing the 64MP quad-camera phone in mass production definitely means something. Weibing posted a short video on Weibo, revealing that the new Redmi phone with a quad-camera setup went on mass production over a month ago. The Redmi Note 7-successor is clearly in the pipeline and an official launch is just around the corner.

That said, the quad-camera consists of a 64MP primary sensor, a major upgrade from the 48MP AI camera found on the Redmi Note 7. The three sensors are placed vertically on the phone's board while a fourth sensor sits next to the triple camera setup. Details on the sensors are not revealed yet, but we are guessing there will be a telephoto, wide-angle and a monochrome sensor in the offing. All in all, the Redmi Note 8's camera will be a big reason for Redmi Note 7 users to upgrade this year.

MediaTek G90T

MediaTek launched its latest G90T processor with the aim to make mobile gaming experience seamless and affordable. The octa-core G90T clocks 2.05GHz max speed and comes with HyperEngine game technology to optimise the cellular connection between the smartphone and its network. The chip-maker says the engine can offer up to 50 percent faster response than rivals in a crowded network environment.

With MediaTek G90T under the hood, the Redmi Note 8 is expected to be a gaming phone on a budget. So all those PUBG Mobile sessions can be experienced in their full glory.

18W charger

Finally, an unknown Xiaomi smartphone with model numbers M1906G7E and M1906G7T was spotted on China's 3C certification website. According to GizmoChina, this could be none other than the Redmi Note 8 or even the Redmi Note 8 Pro.

But the most interesting tidbit of this leak is that the handset was listed with an 18W charger. This means, the Redmi Note 8 series will have faster-charging support, so you don't have to be stuck to your wall charger for long hours.

Given the intensity with which rumours and leaks about the Redmi Note 8 are surfacing, it is not foolish to imagine the official announcement is just around the corner.