Realizing the Dream and Helping Others to Do the Same Izabela Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Rankbell, is Committed to Helping Others Achieve Financial Freedom

Izabela Hamilton

San Diego, CA: From a young age, Izabela Hamilton was told that America is a place where there is an abundance of food, warmth for all, and anybody who wants it badly enough can become a 'somebody.' Izabela believed in this image of America and worked hard to make this 'land of opportunity' her reality. When she went to the embassy to receive her visa to go to America, it was one of the happiest of her life! She knew her life would never be the same, and wanted to make things better for her family as well.

But success was anything but easy. Hamilton worked her way through a string of odd jobs - sometimes in excess of 60 hours per week - to earn enough money to support herself and send some home to support her family. Of this experience, she says, "All I thought of every day was that I wanted them to never have to worry about money again. I didn't care how much I had to work as long as they were happy. Oftentimes I fell asleep crying due to exhaustion, and missing family and friends, but I knew that I couldn't give up at the first sign of hardship. I was set up to succeed and that's all I saw."

For Hamilton, failure was not an option. She dreamed of helping others achieve financial freedom by working at a business that they own. So, with a laptop and the dream to help one million people - she founded Rankbell - an Amazon ranking company that helps sellers grow their business. Rankbell has since helped thousands of sellers some of whom started with profits as low as $100 per month - grow their businesses into 7, 8, and sometimes even 9 figures. The company is on track to achieve Hamilton's original goal of helping one million Amazon sellers grow their businesses by the year 2030. Rankbell was also recently voted as the leading expert in their industry.

Hamilton now inspires people worldwide - especially women - to start, build, and manage their own company. Her team is made up of moms from across the US who are all united in the goal of helping others - and proud to be a part of their customer's journey to success.

Established in 2015, the ranking service provides sellers with a variety of services to help increase Amazon rankings, boost sales, and maximize profits. Though more services are added as the need arises, they currently specialize in assisting with product launches, content marketing, PPC management, listing and optimization, video and image services, and social media.

Rankbell has become well known for its focus on the Search-Find-Buy method, which connects Amazon sellers with a group of fully vetted and trained buyers to help deliver the best ranking results possible from day one. Buyers focus on organically shopping first, and then find the Rankbell customer's exact product through a keyword or phrase they are focused on ranking for. Purchases made from this method help increase sales and ranking from day one customers have seen a lot of success using it.