To realise its global objectives tech firm SmartClean receives early funding from Boundary Holding


A considerable amount of startup capital has been raised by SmartClean, a Singapore-based technology business that offers cleaning solutions using AIoT and Matrix software, thanks to Boundary Holding led by Rajat Khare, a European deep-tech investment group. Building AIoT & SaaS powered Intelligent Cleaning Management solutions, SmartClean is a company that specializes in cleanliness and hygiene intelligence. Its mission is to fundamentally alter how cleanliness and hygiene are monitored, measured, and managed in commercial real estate to meet higher standards for health and hygiene.

AIoT is a new upcoming technology that has been the key area of research and development for the company. Both these organizations are aligned in the direction of using technology for the best possible cause. Sharing a common technological background will help in accelerated growth.
The money will be used by SmartClean to increase its market share, and establish new collaborations and acquisitions in the Middle East, South Asia, and European regions. Through the expansion of its Sales and Marketing departments, they want to do this by attracting clients in new markets and application areas.

Cleanliness and hygiene are what drive health and wellness in the areas where we live, work, and play, according to the company's goal for a healthier built environment. One global standard for gauging cleanliness, called CleanScore, should be implemented in the future, together with technology that is easy to use, trustworthy, economical, and scalable. The other objective is to upgrade janitors from being manual workers to technology operators.

The Founders were developing applications for smart buildings when they observed that, despite the digitization of every other part of a structure, there was no information on cleanliness and hygiene. Delivering uniform quality and user experience was therefore unattainable.

How clean is clean? was the most basic question they began with. To find the solution, they created cutting-edge sensing systems to track various facets of hygiene and cleanliness in the built environment. They then validated the systems with top property and facility management companies, solidifying their position as industry experts and market leaders in this field.

For the CRE sector, SmartClean developed and introduced Matrix, a multi-dimensional SaaS platform that enables the deployment of outcome-based cleaning contracts and the achievement of healthy buildings. The monitoring, measurement, and administration of cleaning activities are radically altered by Matrix, which combines IoT, big data analytics, and smart operations management.

The company is focused on building a smart clean ecosystem that is easy to connect and operate. As a result, to it, they have developed they create customized sensing capabilities for cleanliness monitoring through their sensor division, IoT Solutions, Realsense. Matrix is the only integrated IoT+ SaaS platform for end-to-end cleanliness and hygiene management. All their programs have an open architecture with ready APIs. They can integrate to 3rd party data applications IWMS, BMS, and FMS solutions.

The organization's different approach to cleanliness with the integration of IoT has opened an altogether new sector for the technology. The future world would be more dependent not just on clean workspaces but also on the quality of hygiene maintained. CleanScore is one such initiative by them that could be used as a common practice measure by all.