Real life Santa Claus performs miracle in West Midlands this way

Santa Claus
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Humanity and generosity are not lost in the world. This was proved by a Good Samaritan in West Midlands who took on the role of Santa Claus in real life this Christmas to spread joy in about 60 families. The kind person left cash-filled envelopes in letterboxes of strangers in and around Linden Close, Walsall.

The anonymous benefactor slipped the gifts through dozens of doors, with a heartfelt message on them saying, "Jesus loves you." This gift lifted the mood of several recipients and instilled hope in their hearts that the world is still not as ruthless as it seems to be.

When the recipients went out of their houses to see who had left them the generous gift, they found their neighbours clutching the same kind of envelopes and grinning with happiness. NHS housekeeper Kirsty Tapper, one of the recipients, said, "I wasn't feeling at all festive as I had just finished work and knew I also had to work on Christmas Day - this really changed my mood."

"It really lifts your spirits to think that a total stranger would give away so much money at a time when cash can be so tight," added Tapper, who works at Walsall Manor Hospital, reports The Sun. She added that each envelope by the Secret Santa contained £50 or £100.

The mystery man was spotted by one of the residents of that area, who described him as a Jamaican and assumed that he was distributing leaflets. Now, all of them want to find out the identity of this person and thank him for making this effort to light up other people's Christmas day.

"I would love to tell him what an amazing person he is. It's nice to know there are people out there who still care for others. What happened last night was all about the true meaning of Christmas - which is about putting others first," said Kirsty.

However, not everyone is filled with a giving spirit during Christmas like this man. Another incident before Christmas throws light on the other side of the society. Just a week before Christmas, a single father returned home to find a package of $5000 worth of medicines missing from his front porch. The medicines were for his son Austin who was born with multiple birth defects and needed regular medication to be alive. The stolen parcel contained life-saving medication for the four-year-old child's kidney failure.

Luckily, the insurance company agreed to replace the medicines, sparing the single father the strain of paying for them again to ensure his child's health.

This article was first published on December 26, 2017