Real-life prince's Sleeping Beauty proposal to his girlfriend trends on Google

Filmmaker Lee Loechler asks an illustrator to animate his girlfriend and himself into her favorite Disney film, Sleeping Beauty and proposes to her through the animated video.

Have you ever wondered how to propose to your girlfriend for marriage? Well, there are a lot of ideas that will surely surprise your lover. However, according to latest updates, a real life price charming has managed to propose his love of life in the most unconventional way.

Lee Loechler, who is a filmmaker and self-described "hopeless bromantic", just popped up the question to his girlfriend in an ultimate fairy-tale style. Loechler, who had been working with an illustrator to animate his girlfriend and himself into her favorite Disney film, Sleeping Beauty, has just proposed his love of life to marry him through the animated video.

Doesn't it sound interesting? Well, this method of proposing like a prince charming will definitely leave all Disney lovers hoping their own guy to follow in Loechler's footsteps.

Sleeping Beauty Proposal
Sleeping Beauty Proposal

Moreover, the Illustrator, who made this fairy tale-like proposal happen is Kayla Coombs'. Coombs has also shared the photo of Loechler and his girlfriend's animated characters on her official Instagram handle, which looked amazing. Loechler shared the video of the film on his YouTube channel and along with a caption that said: "It's not every day you get to propose to your High School sweetheart."

He further added that for the past six months he had been working with the illustrator to get this animated video for his special moment. "And the result of all that work is nothing short of epic," Loechler wrote. Kayla, casted his girlfriend, Sthuthi David as the dowsy princess while Loechler's animated character woke her with a kiss.

Moreover, adding some twist to their own version, Loechler had a different plan. As for the six month preparation, he created a new scene, at the end of the video, "Sthuthi Says No," while dwarfs from "Snow White" grieved. Loechler finally took to his Instagram after everything was over and wrote, "The only thing better than seeing the smartest person I know completely dumbfounded was knowing we'd get to live happily ever after together".