Reaching the top of the e-commerce space

Klaidas Siuipys

Klaidas is well-known for growing 7 and 8 figures Amazon businesses.

We have heard tons of stories about professionals and entrepreneurs that have shown how they dealt with hurdles and still overcame them and became winners in their endeavors. Every time we come across incredible success stories about young masterminds finding their own path and becoming self-made entrepreneurs, we cherish them. Klaidas Siuipys is all about this and much more. What landed as an offer to him from his parents to take care of the e-commerce of their manufacturing company soon turned into an opportunity for Klaidas to build a flourishing career as an Amazon entrepreneur, speaker, consultant, and coach. Running Shayz Consulting, Klaidas and his team make sure to help their clients dominate the platform.

When Klaidas was 16 years old, he started his journey and learned each day to hone his skills. Multiplication of knowledge helped him become an Amazon expert giving clients sky-high success with their products being profitable on the platform. Sharing a personal fact about himself at 22, this ace entrepreneur says that playing Airsoft on the weekends helps him replenish his energy for the upcoming week.

Klaidas says that he could make a name for himself in the industry as he hails from a small country like Lithuania, where it is not too difficult to become well-known in a specific niche. Most of it came from social media. He was always active on their local Amazon Sellers Facebook group, which he had become a part of in 2018 and soon became a thought leader in the same. As he contributed majorly to growing and building the group stronger, one of the main business seminar organizers noticed him and invited him to be a keynote speaker at several of their events. This flooded him with several opportunities. He got interviewed on the radio and on TV, influencers started sharing his tips to people in their networks, even mainstream media featured him so they could share reality of what the "Amazon" opportunity for businesses is like.

Klaidas attributes his success to hard work and following a path different from others. He has always been one for new ideas, which is why he set out on an e-commerce journey that none of the other kids in school were taking. Klaidas says it was all about working harder and smarter; when you do, there's more opportunity for growth.