R&B singer R. Kelly Charged for Sexually Assaulting Minors, Recording Assaults and Bribing People to Keep Quiet

R&B singer R. Kelly has been charged for having sexually assaulted minors, videotaping the acts and bribing people in various positions to keep quiet when he faced criminal charges of child pornography in 2008.

The reports have created a furor on social media as a large segment of followers have demanded life imprisonment for Kelly. The social media followers have dubbed Kelly as a "rapist" "child abuser", and a "monster".

Singer R Kelly

Punish R Kelly by Boycotting His Songs; Social Media Chatter

The prosecutors during the trial stated that a girl who is seen in multiple child porn tapes from the late 1990s with Kelly is expected to testify against him. She alleged that the singer had sex with her when she was 14 and recorded some of the encounters.

Hurt by his actions, some of the fans of R Kelly have called upon people to boycott his songs and music.

According to a report by NBC News Robert Kelly had sex with multiple children. The report quoted US Assistant Attorney Jason Julien who stated that Kelly made videotapes having sex with multiple children. Kelly's alleged victims were as young as 14, he said, adding that there were "multiple girls, hundreds of times."

Kelly's former business manager Derrel McDavid, and associate, Milton "June" Brown are also being tried for conspiring with him to intimidate and bribe witnesses and cover up evidence in a 2008 criminal trial on child pornography.

A Twitter user wrote, "Girl, now a 40- year- old woman, in child pornography tapes allegedly made by R. Kelly expected to testify against singer. Very brave of her. I hope she does testify and takes her power back! Put this scum away, for a very long time!"

Another user shared, "I love #RKelly He was my favourite Singer but, I don't think Joycelyn Savage understand that this R Kelly Trial is not only about her It is multiple allegations dating all the way back to Age ain't nothing but a number relationship with late @aaliyah & child pornography charges."

"R. KELLY crying and begging currently in prison. Rotting and begging for mercy in his personal HELL. #RKelly,' read a tweet.

A user tweeted to express his resentment adding, "All I'm saying is what R Kelly did was highly atrocious... BUUUTTT, I'm still gonna jam to Step in the Name of Love."