'Rarely Disliked a Contestant This Much' - Netizens Criticize Love Like a Kdrama Cast Kim Dong Kyu

Love Like a Kdrama is just a week from its finale, and the viewers are curious to know who will get the leading role in the last episode. The audiences also look forward to the complicated relationship between Kim Dong Kyu and Bando Nozomi. Cast members went through an emotional rollercoaster of events while filming an episode together as the lead cast.

After watching episode 9, netizens flooded social media platforms with comments against contestant Kim Dong Kyu. The contestant could not hide his romantic feelings for co-contestant Yamashita Rio while filming an episode with Bando Bando Nozomi. Though Bando Nozomi opened up about her romantic feelings for Kim Dong Kyu, the latter could not put a good show in front of the camera.

Bando Nozomi struggled to hold back her tears when she filmed a scene with Kim Dong Kyu, but her co-star never helped her. The viewers became furious after watching the episode. They expressed their anger on various social media platforms. The messages ranged from "Rarely disliked a contestant this much" to "My hatred towards men increases because of this person".

Love Like a Kdrama
Love Like a Kdrama contestant Kim Dong Kyu. Twitter

Netizens' Reactions

Kim Dong Kyu, I will hit you when I catch you.

I bawled for Nozomi. She was sincere in her feelings for Dongkyu from the beginning. He got paired with Rio one time and flipped on her overnight. It is showing up in the work dynamic.

Stay away from Nozomi. If Dongkyu had been man enough and told what was happening the day he went out with Rio for the first time, all of this could have been alleviated. In fact, he only cared about himself.

How can he go from running to buy flowers to completely ignoring her?

How can things have changed so quickly? Those who see the beginning can't believe this ep.

They are so awkward with each other that it seems like they just met. Dong Kyu, you only had to have the minimum emotional responsibility.

My hatred towards men increases because of this person.

How can you go from going on dates - taking me to good places - indulging me - and giving me gifts that send strong feelings to not talking to me for days?

I have rarely disliked a contestant as much as I dislike Dong Kyu. It is okay to change your mind on a dating show. However, his actions gave her the impression that he was sure of his feelings, and all that changed because Rio could drink soju.

Dongkyu has chemistry with Nozomi. But he believes or feels that by being with Rio. He will have the opportunity to win more acting roles. That is why his change was so sudden, men.

Love Like a Kdrama
Love Like a Kdrama poster. Twitter

Love Like a Kdrama is a Japanese reality dating show that focuses on the personal and professional lives of the contestants. They faced several challenges as they worked together to get lead roles in six mini Kdramas. The show features four Korean male actors and four female Japanese actresses as contestants.

The reality show will return with episode 10 on Tuesday (December 19) at 3:00 pm KST. It will focus on the audition for episode 6 and feature the various challenges of the contestants while pairing with their favorite contestant. The next episode of this reality show will be available with subtitles on Netflix for international viewers.