Superbee has opened up about his feud with Korean-Canadian rapper Tablo. The rapper revealed he does not regret dissing the 35-year-old Epik High member.

During an interview, Superbee talked about his mention of Tablo in his track Ambulance following his elimination from Show Me the Money 4. He said: "I don't have any regrets about dissing Tablo honestly. Actually, I think I would have had a more difficult time if I hadn't released that song. I was unable to release my feelings of unfairness when people didn't believe me and accused me of being the bad guy, so I had a tough time."

"Now I try to stay far away from the emotion of regret. I just want to look forward. I think people who progress don't dwell on the past; they move forward. I don't want to diss someone with hate in the future," he added.

Adding on, Superbee discussed about the series, Show Me the Money 5: "I think I was able to shed a bit of my image as a 'rapper who disses' this season. I liked that I was able to change that view. Dok2 and The Quiett advised me about how hatred is an unnecessary feeling. Thanks to them I was able to learn how to keep hatred far away."