Rapper Li1 lean Talks About His Journey, Representing Latino Community & Mental Health Awareness

Li1 lean

Li1 lean aka Gabriel Montes has made his Latino community proud with his art and social work. He's one of the most popular rappers in the world and his work speaks of his goal to bring together different cultures. He makes songs in English and Spanish so that the topics he highlights in them reach out to everyone.

Reaching fame and at a successful stage in life included a lot of hard work for Li1 Lean. He had to face challenges, fight the stereotypes and start from scratch as he had no godfather in the music industry. He's a solo soldier whose art is impactful enough to create a difference in the world.

Li1 lean Believes that music helps people battle anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. As a public figure, Gabriel Montes aka Li1 lean makes sure to spread awareness about mental health in the world so that people don't keep their struggles to themselves and find it safe to speak out. He is doing this especially for the teenagers.

The year 2020 has been very difficult for everyone. The pandemic followed by lockdown had brought uncertainty in many people's lives. During these testing times, Li1 lean took an initiative to have talks about depression and anxiety.

'Musica es vida', Li1 lean's foundation started a program that highlights mental health issues majorly. About his Journey, music and focusing on mental health issues, the rapper says, "I believe words have the power to bring a change or at least start a conversation. I love rapping, making music. If people feel encouraged and represented because of my work, I feel happy. Talking about mental health, we need to make a world where it becomes a part of our day-to-day conversation. It's a serious issue and we all should fight against the stigma people attach to it."