Rapper Go Woo-ri explains why she gets to play rich brat roles

I think I give off a spoiled vibe through my voice or my looks.says Go Woo ri.

Rainbow's Woori bagged yet another rich brat character in MBC's upcoming drama, Start Again. The 28-year-old who portrayed a similar character of an opulent grown-up in Queen's Flower, feels that her looks "give off a spoiled vibe".

During her interaction with the press, the actress gave some insight into her two characters. She said: "Following the drama 'Equator's Flower,' I'm once again playing the daughter of a rich household. There are a lot of extremely similar aspects to the role I played last time, but there are also differences. The concept is similar, but Yura of 'Equator's Flower' was a righteous child. However, in 'Start Again,' Year is even more ambitious than her father."

Defining the perks of playing a wealthy character, the actress stated: "We will probably end up filming the whole summer, so I think it's lucky that I play the daughter of a wealthy home. I have almost no outdoor scenes. I'm either in the massage parlor or the car, so I'm grateful."

On asked about playing the characters of rich daughters, Woorie laughed off, "I don't know. I think I give off a spoiled vibe through my voice or my looks."

Start Again will go air on May 25 taking over Monday - Friday 19:15 KST slot.