Rape Can Be 'Opportunity' For Teen Victims, Female Ohio Lawmaker Jean Schmidt Says, Sparking Controversy

Ohio lawmaker Jean Schmidt, 70, has sparked outrage claiming that rape is an 'opportunity' for teen victims. The Republican lawmaker, who represents Ohio's 65th district, made the controversial remark on Wednesday while being questioned over a bill that bans abortion in all scenarios.

She sponsored House Bill 598 also known as "the Human Life Protection Act". The drastic bill would impose a nearly total ban on abortions in Ohio if the landmark Roe v. Wade decision were ever overturned by the US Supreme Court — making no exceptions for pregnancies caused by rape or incest, the Cincinnati Inquirer reported.

Ohio lawmaker Jean Schmidt
Ohio lawmaker Jean Schmidt Twitter

While answering lawmakers in the defense of the bill she pointed out that it is shame that rape happens but she sees an opportunity in the rape for the victim woman. "No matter how young or old she is, to make a determination about what she's going to do to help that life be a productive human being," she replied to her Democratic colleague in a hypothetical situation involving a 13-year-old victim.

Bill 598 Has No Exception For Rape or Incest

Bill 598, which bans abortion, has no exception for rape or incest. Schmidt admitted that rape is a difficult issue, which emotionally scars the individual for the rest of their life. She also claimed that rape frightens individuals similarly to child abuse does.

But the lawmaker batted for the human life's stating that when a baby is created it's a human life and the human's life must be protected.

Controversy Queen

Schmidt believes that on the basis of emotional scars, nobody should have the right to take a human life.

After her remarks about rape victims, Schmidt is being accused of disrespecting rape survivors.

Schmidt is known to create controversies and she is also known as 'Mean Jean' due to her inflammatory remarks. She had termed John P. Murtha, Vietnam war veteran, a coward as he urged for the pullout of American forces from Iraq.