Ranbir Roy thrives in a multifaceted career stream

Ranbir Roy

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but sometimes it's also an easy way to be successful. Hard work is the only way to succeed in this fast world of ours, with its crazy deadlines and pressure. The only difference between those who succeed and those who don't is that they work harder than everyone else. They keep on doing what they do despite the many obstacles that come their way. They choose to see success whereas others see failure.

Ranbir Ranjan Roy also known as Ranbir Roy and people call him as VSG.

Ranbir is also quite popular on social media with an Instagram following of more than a 1.3Million.

Instagram Profile: https://instagram.com/vsgranbir

Ranbir Roy, an entrepreneur from Delhi, is one such man. Having been in the industry for a decade now, he's had his fair share of successes and failures. But what sets him apart is that he's learned to use his failures as stepping stones to success, instead of letting them drag him down. Despite having failed many times in his life, he's still here, still standing tall and proud with his firm head held high. With his creative tactics, he's made his business ventures successful.

He is also a senior sports analyst and has been successfully presenting various cricket events on various digital platforms. Ranbir Roy's career goes further than just business and analysis. He is also a motivational speaker and transformational coach. He is also a motivational speaker and transformational coach. Thus, he is a dedicated entrepreneur who is also an inspiring personality, with a lot to impart to the people around him.

Ranbir Roy was born in Patna, the capital city of the Indian state of Bihar. His father too was an entrepreneur, who ran his firm. His extensive tie-ups in various industries helped instill an entrepreneurial mindset in Ranbir Roy, who's always had a keen interest in sports as well as business. With this upbringing, it comes as no surprise that he became an entrepreneur himself, and started working from a tender age.

Ranbir successfully predicted the fate of some of the biggest cricket championships. For instance, last year he predicted that Australia will win the World Cup '21, and Gujarat Titans will do well in the IPL '22 trophy. Ranbir says, "It is all about guessing. I made the calculations, and fortunately, my guesses turned out to be right."

In addition to sports and business, Ranbir Roy is also a motivational speaker and transformational coach. He loves to give talks in various forums regarding his experiences as well as the things he has learned throughout his journey. It was his father who gave him his first taste of public speaking. While delivering a speech on his company's success, he was overwhelmed by the response he got from his father and his colleagues. Thus, he began to speak more in public as well as in various group settings.