RAMSONS PERFUMES Launches new campaign with brand ambassador Shikhar Dhawan


Ramsons Perfumes Pvt. Ltd has roped in sports icon Shikhar Dhawan as its brand ambassador for its new campaign conceptualised "One Day Wala Deo" which has a fragrance life of more than 8 hours. To promote its newly launched campaign and range of deodorants, the company has signed Indian cricketer Shikhar Dhawan for the third time as the brand ambassador in a strategic move to establish itself as a major player in the industry. The new advertising campaign looks to connect with the youth in a fun and interactive way. The aim is to be the top favorite in the Men's Deo category.

The brand aims to attract the youth of India by assigning one of the most talented and dynamic personalities Shikhar Dhawan. Cricket has always been the heartbeat of India and youth can easily connect with their favorite sportsperson and who can be better the icon himself, Shikhar Dhawan. The USP of the brand is its long-lasting fragrance that lasts all day. Shikhar is seen as a confident and inspiring young man, stepping up to take on the world and create a benchmark for the youth of India. The campaign "One Day Wala Deo" positions the brand as a true innovator that has brought a very fresh and unique concept into the fragrance industry by giving new dimensions of choices for the people.

Ramsons Perfumes has Continuously evolved to remain true and relevant across the youth of the nation. They believe that Smelling great is an important part of any grooming and hence focuses to cater to choices of fragrance. The idea is way too beyond that fragrance could last for the whole day, the users don't have to retouch up, again and again, to feel fresh and good.

The new collection comprises five different deodorants, including three for men – Ramsons Red Zx, Ramsons Stud, and Ramsons Secret Code, the other two for women which are Ramsons Exotica and Ramsons Once More. These fragrances have been crafted by renowned perfumers and each is unique to every mood and occasion. The brand target is to develop and create top-quality products in constant evolution that satisfies the needs of end-consumers, working as a team with distributors and the most prestigious stores all over India. Ramsons Perfumes aims to disrupt the fragrance market through their unique ideas and quality of the product. The new range of deodorant is easily available on online websites and stores for easy reach and access.