Rajiv Adatia: An Epitome Of Positivity And Motivation For Those Caged In Dismay

Rajiv Adatia

"A Determined mind and a Strong Will bear endless possibilities." A perfect living example of this quote is Rajiv Adatia, who with his strong will and perseverance overcame the darkest of griefs and dismay. His journey is not just inspirational, but also about all those sleepless days and nights which made him the person he is today. Having lost his father at the age of 18, Rajiv Adatia witnessed the hardships of life quite early. Caught up with so many responsibilities, he had to figure something out for himself. So along with pursuing his degree in Psychology and Performing Arts, he started modeling in London. He worked with many national and international brands.

Finally, after completing his education Rajiv Adatia marked his business career, becoming an entrepreneur. He also incorporated himself with a wedding decor company named Wed in Style. A curious learner and an individual of immense dedication, he got engaged in various production activities, and alongside working with many Hollywood and Bollywood artists, started his own event management company. Rajiv also got deeply involved in the Bollywood film industry and witnessed the various streams of work and lifestyle. In this attempt of spreading the essential positivity and optimism around the world, he runs a social media page (@rajivadatiaquotes) posting his unique and inspirational words of wisdom.

Both professionally and financially stable, he was leading an ideal life. But still, he was bothered with a sense of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. Even after achieving so much, Rajiv Adatia couldn't find his purpose. He always wanted to reach out to those in grief, and help them fight it out. Maybe because at a very young age he had witnessed how it felt like, he wanted to be there for others. In an era when mass criticism and public judgment have hampered so many lives, Rajiv realized the importance of a calm and composed mind. "The power of words is so strong, I've always felt that they helped me heal from things I was going through!" says Rajiv Adatia. This was the exact realization that he was in search of. The answer to his dissatisfaction and lack of contentment was motivation speaking and writing. Spreading around the right words, filling people up with strength and motivation was what he was determined to do. For him, it was not just a sense of being helpful, but also a way of letting out his experiences and life learnings. On the worst days of his life, these words helped him through, acting as a ray of hope and enlightenment. If they were powerful enough to change him for the better, they surely would reflect more positivity and encouragement in others as well. With this very thought, Rajiv Adatia began his journey of becoming a motivational speaker and writer.

Talking about Rajiv Adatia's beliefs and life lessons, the one thing which he always held on to was positivity. According to him, it's all about perspectives. Based on one's outlook, even a negative situation can be full of positive consequences or vice versa. A positive thought process is the best medicine for everything wrong in this world.

As for his prospects, Rajiv Adatia is working on a book to spread awareness regarding issues like anxiety and depression along with incorporating famous personalities and celebrities in this mission.