Kabali mania is conquering the world as the release date is nearing. The Tamil blockbuster movie featuring Rajinikanth is set to release throughout the country on 22 July.

Rajini fans in Singapore can book the tickets from the official website of Rex Cinema and Cathay Cineplexes.

Many firms in India had declared holiday on 22 July, as the movie is releasing. Following that, a Singapore company, Amaravathi TechSystems, also joined the bandwagon.

The statement read: "ATS Singapore Management has decided to declare a special holiday on July 22nd on account of Superstar rajini's "KABALI" movie release to employees to celebrate, entertain, refresh and recharge back to work. To show our solidarity with the kabali team we would be issuing free tickets for our employees and their family members."

Kabali will also be released in a Malay-dubbed version for Malaysian viewers. The film was dubbed in Malay by the film's distributor in Malaysia, Malik Streams. Adding on, the Malay version of Kabali is expected to hit 250 cinemas in Indonesia on 29 July.