South Korean singer Jisook has opened up about her dating life. The 26-year-old member of girl group Rainbow confessed that she was in a relationship.

In 2012, Jisook had revealed that she used to date a member of a 5-member idol group. During an interview with TV Daily, she said: "I did date, but not now. I think there's this thing where if you're restricted, you want to do it even more. If they set you free, then it becomes whatever. With my label not saying much, my motivation [to date] has subsided."

When asked about her ideal type, Jisook responded: "I want him to share the same hobbies with me. I would like him to play games with me and also know machines very well. As for the age, it'll work if he's older than me. I can do up to 9 years older, but I've never given thought about younger guys. I like someone who I can depend on."

Adding on, the singer talked about her marriage plans. She said: "As I age, my thoughts tend to change. In the past, I wanted to marry early and live happily, but now I want to marry when I reach a certain position so I can live happily with no problems. That's also why I work hard to make money."