Rain and Kim Tae Hee's baby daughter will grow up to help save world

Taemin said he hopes Rain's daughter has eyes that resemble her mother Kim Tae-hee's.

Rain announces the birth of his daughter on his personal Instagram. instagram.com/rain_oppa

Celebrity couple Rain and Kim Tae-hee just had a baby girl. In addition to this wonderful news, Rain also revealed that they plan to raise their child to be someone who helps the world.

As noted by website Allkpop, on October 25, Rain made a post on his official Instagram account with a photo of a pair of white coloured baby booties made of cotton, with pink flowers on the toes. The caption read, "Thank you... She's a beautiful princess~ We'll raise her to be a child that helps the world. #Blessed."

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It was also revealed that Rain had to skip the press conference on October 25 for KBS' 'The Unit', after Kim Tae Hee went into labour. "Rain was worried as he wasn't able to come here. To be honest, we were nervous about the day of birth as well," the show's producer Park Ji-young said. Both Taemin, who is a co-judge on 'The Unit' and another producer said they hoped the child has her mother's eyes.

On May 23, Kim Tae-hee's agency Ruach Entertainment had released a statement confirming her pregnancy. "Kim Tae Hee is currently 15 weeks pregnant, so she has to be careful for the time being. However, rather than having the news be released as medical treatment, she believes that it is her duty to be the one to share the news to everyone who has cheered her on," the agency's statement read. It had added, "She will be focusing on prenatal education and plans to work hard as a wife and a mom."

Rain and Kim Tae-hee got married on January 19, this year, after dating for five years. The wedding ceremony was a small and private affair, with family and friends. During an interview in September, Rain had said, "I really wanted a small wedding. For a long time, I thought about what the meaning of a wedding was. Of course, I could've had a grand wedding and invited everyone. My wife and I shared the same opinions, so we were able to [have a small wedding]."

He had also talked about the satisfaction he gained from holding a private wedding ceremony and said, "I was really happy to have a cozy wedding with the priest, our family members, and a few close friends."

On January 17, Rain had posted a hand-written message on Instagram announcing his engagement to Kim Tae-hee. In the letter he said that as the eldest son of his household, he wished to get married and "become a great husband." He added that "[Kim Tae Hee] has always been there for me, unmoving, in sad times and in happy times, and she never fails to amaze me. Our trust and love for each other is as strong as ever, and we've decided to take the leap."

Following their wedding on January 19, Kim Tae-hee also released a hand-written letter through her agency where she talked about her marriage and thanked her fans for their love and support. She began her letter by saying, "Today is the first day on the long journey we will embark on together, and we wanted to take that first step with the support of all the fans who have loved us and cared for us."

Kim tae-hee had added, "We will take care of each other, respect each other, and do our best to help each other work on what we lack. With the warmth that I have learned from your overflowing love, I will do my best to repay you as a better actress, and do my best as a wife of a family."

Since the world is in a crisis, we definitely need more empowered women to help save it.

This article was first published on October 25, 2017