Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal
Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal YouTube grab

Carlos Moya, the former world No 1 and the current coach of tennis star Rafael Nadal, has claimed that the world No 2 now gets less tired with the serve motion.

Rafael Nadal received help from Carlos Moya to change make certain changes in the way he serves, his movement, his positioning and also closer to the baseline. It is not just focusing on serving fast and looking for winners.

These changes have seen Rafael Nadal run less and in return, this will result in less fatigue. This is the reason why Rafael Nadal does not get tired soon when compared to his earlier days.

"It's working. Rafa would start using it in Paris Bercy last year, but because of the injury, we could not work on it more. Now we are seeing the results," said Carlos Moya.

"Through videos, we showed him what he had to implement and he would go on feeling comfortable and you still have things to clean", said Moya.

"He is more relaxed when he starts serving. He does not bend the knees like before and he gets closer to the court shot by shot, he is ahead of the baseline and it allows him to continue the points from a better position.

Before he was staying on the line. So he can play easier balls and use his forehand. Little things make a difference. We worked a lot so that he could be a more aggressive player. This was my main motivation since when I started with him.

"And it's not about hitting stronger or looking for more winners, but being in a better position, closer to the baseline. In order to shorten points, he'd better run less and suffer less fatigue."

Carlos Moya is happy that Rafael Nadal believes in what he says and in return, it is benefiting the 17-time Grand Slam winner.

"I know what I say, then the most important thing is that believes in it," he added.