In Race to Win 21st Century Back From China, US Senate Passes Tough Anti-Beijing Laws

In a clear show of resolve to fight the China threat, the US Senate voted 68-32 on Tuesday to authorize a radical set of measures.

The bill passed on Tuesday authorizes nearly $190 billion in order to strengthen American technology and research so that they can withstand the Chinese threat. The legislation also approved as much as $54 billion to increase US research into semiconductors and telecommunications equipment.

The bill separately addresses the chip shortages in the auto industry, which crippled car manufacturing in the country. Under the terms of the bill, $2 billion is dedicated to developing chips used in the automobile industry.

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Another proposal in the bill is to give $10 billion to the Department of Commerce to create regional tech hub programs.

In another radical measure, the bill requires that the iron, steel, manufactured products and construction materials used in federally funded infrastructure projects must be manufactured in the US.

The anti-China measures, which got sweeping support in the Senate, where the Democrats do not have a clear majority, must now go to Congress, where it is expected to have a smooth sail. The bill was passed 68-32 in the Senate, which marked a victory for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who co-wrote the measures.

Schumer said, the legislation, titled 'US Innovation and Competition Act' will help confront China's influence on multiple fronts and 'supercharge' American innovation and preserve our competitive edge for generations to come.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel said the bill touches on key issues that will help determine our strategic footing for decades. "It includes several smart targeted measures, but leaves many more on the table, and so it will advance as an imperfect approach to an extremely consequential challenge," he added.

In another significant anti-China push, the bill says that Chinese social media app TikTok will be banned from being downloaded on government devices.

The legislation also blocks the purchase of drones manufactured and sold by companies backed by the Chinese government.

In more blatant display of pushback against Beijing, the bill says Taiwanese diplomats and Taiwanese military personnel will be allowed to display their flag and wear their uniforms while in the United States on official matters.

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Mitch Mcconnell, Senate Majority leader, is said to be pleased about impeachment Wikimedia commons

Schumer underscored the fact that unless the US become more aggressive its reign as the world's superpower will end.

"If we do nothing, our days as the dominant superpower may be ending. We don't mean to let those days end on our watch. We don't mean to see America become a middling nation in this century," Schumer said.