Quin Wu Integrates Art and Fashion In APEDE MOD x MAMAN

Quin Wu

Talented set and exhibition designer, Quin Wu, presents his new pop-up event in 2022: NYFW APEDE MOD x MAMAN, a unique integration of design and lifestyle

Quin Wu has again brought his creativity and ingenuity to bear following the presentation of a new pop-up event in 2022: NYFW APEDE MOD x MAMAN. He integrated art and fashion into the scene design and created a romantic French fantasy, inviting influencers to be a part of the adventure of the approaching Spring, as he celebrated the beautiful moment with flowers and desserts.

Previously known as the lead designer of Ocean Cube Pop-up Exhibition, Wu once led his team to build a futuristic habitable under-sea world. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 2013, making a huge impact by taking part in several Exhibition projects such as Ocean Cube, Tomato Land, Ocean Wave, and Love Me Hug Me.

As a rising star in the fashion industry, APEDE MOD is a women's handbag brand that aims to deliver convenience through design and art. The bright colors and elegant designs have helped it to gain popularity rapidly.

MAMAN on the other hand has grown from its humble beginnings as an independent Soho café and bakery in 2014 to become a leading lifestyle brand that boasts cafés across NYC. Wu sees the opportunity to help establish a fashionable lifestyle at this time of the year through the brands.
"It's all about celebrating the vibe of the coming Spring. We're also at the point of Valentine's," Wu said, "our team figured that florals are an essential part of both the Spring and the Valentine's. And with inspiration from Henry Matisse's painting "The Dance", it all comes together perfectly."
Brand awareness was also a critical part of this event. As a fashion brand, Apede Mod already brings an exciting range of colors to Maman's interior. "The design goal was not to have one compete with the other, but rather allow them to be complementary to each other," Wu said as he explained the design solution.

Wu collaborated with floral artists to select sweet and romantic shades of pink, purple, and peach ranunculus, which go perfectly with the APEDE MOD bags and the light brown wooden floors and chairs in the café. Wu chose a unique approach to the project, directly using bags as part of the background decoration, which manifested on dessert display tables together with flowers.
The event was an opportunity for influencers to showcase their latest Spring outfit ideas, resulting in a positive publicity effect for both APEDE MOD and MAMAN. The pop-up event was a great success thanks to the efforts of Quin Wu and his team.