Queen Of Tears Episode 8 Recap, Review, Reactions

Queen Of Tears episode 8 aired on tvN on Sunday (March 31) at 9:10 pm KST. It revolved around the evil moves of Yoon Eun Sung and Moh Seul Hee. The chapter also focussed on the romantic relationship between Hong Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo. People in Korea watch the mini-series on TV or stream it on various online streaming platforms, including TVING.

K-drama fans from other parts of the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Mexico, Denmark, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Hong Kong, China, Japan, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and South Africa, watch the mini-series with subtitles on various online streaming platforms, including Netflix.

The eighth episode of Queen Of Tears featured the downfall of Queen family because of Yoon Eun Sung and Moh Seul Hee. The secret relationship between the mother-son duo was revealed to the viewers in episode 7. But the members of the Queen family did not know about it. They continued trusting Mr. Hyun's mistress and her biological son. Hyun Woo and Aunt Hong Beom Ja tried to stop the grandfather from falling into the trap of his mistress. But he never listened to them until he lost everything in life.

Queen Of Tears
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Queen Of Tears Episode 8 Recap

The chapter began with a flashback scene featuring a heartfelt conversation between Hae In and Hyun Woo. It was the day he proposed to her. The female lead cherished the precious memories of her with her then-boyfriend. In the present, she thanked her husband for staying by her side even before they got married. Hae In hugged him and confessed her love.

Hyun Woo struggled to hold back his tears when he realized that his wife had forgotten everything about their divorce. He reminded her about their trip to Germany and the disaster that followed it. When the female lead recollected her memories, she decided to call it quits with her husband. After consulting a divorce attorney, she filed for a mutual divorce. The onscreen couple officially parted ways in this chapter.

The Downfall

After Hae In and Hyun Woo got divorced, the Queen family members were curiously waiting for the male lead to resign from his position as the legal adviser of Queen Group. However, he continued working for the firm to help his wife. The male lead wanted to be by her side when she needed a trusted person to help her. He also wanted to continue his secret investigation against Eun Sung to help his former in-laws.

During his investigation, he gathered information about Eun Sung and his biological mother. He tried to stop Grandfather from signing a deal with Eun Sung. But the chairman did not listen to him. He kicked Hyun Woo out of the company for misleading him in many ways. The misunderstanding caused a huge loss for the Queen family.

Queen Of Tears
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Soon after Hyun Woo got kicked out of the firm, Beom Jun met with him and helped him in his investigation. She shared all the information she gathered against her father's mistress. They carried out a thorough investigation and gathered evidence against the evil ones. With the help of the secret investigation company, Hyun Woo and Beom Jun ran a DNA test to confirm if Eun Sung was the biological son of Seul Hee. After receiving the DNA test results, they immediately contacted the grandfather and asked him to stay alert.

However, it was too late because Seul Hee played a trick against them. She fed poisoned the grandfather, who fell into a coma. Since Seul Hee had the power of attorney, it did not take much time for her to be his legal guardian. She kicked the Queen siblings out of the big mansion and the firm. Eun Sung became the new head of Queens Group. When things were in favor of the evil ones, Da Hye flew abroad with their son Geon-u. The Queen family went to Hyun Woo's village to stay there until they got back their accents.

Reviews and Reactions

This episode showcased Hyun Woo's abilities as a lawyer. He used his brain to navigate all the suspicious things after analyzing his surroundings. I can't wait to see how he strategically outmaneuvers Eun Seong and his gang to reclaim the company.

It is called #QueenOfTears because Hae In is the only one in the most emotionally and physically challenging position. She evolved into a strong and independent woman who built walls to protect herself from anyone and when she finally opened up, the world let her down.

I'm not exactly that upset about Baek Hong's divorce because I know they'll come back to each other. But I'm upset over them not wearing their rings because we won't have shots like these anymore. Their rings meant something to me.

The way they started the episode with how Hyun Woo proposed to Hae In and the rest of the episode is just them being a divorced couple without their wedding rings :( we even barely see them together.

This is an actor who deserves to be on my screen. The entirety of the episode not just for a few minutes.