Is the Queen really irritated with Kate Middleton's fashion choices?

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The Queen is not a fan of Kate Middleton's fashion choices. Reportedly the Duchess of Cambridge has allegedly been reprimanded by the Queen on various occasions for wearing the wrong length skirts or the wrong colour tights, a Royal expert has claimed.

Speaking to Quest Red, celebrity journalist Ashley Pearson claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge has often received "notes" by the Queen if the Monarch does not like the way the future Queen Consort appears in public. She added that Kate Middleton has a whole other set of rules and restrictions because she's going to be the Queen. The expert also said that the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen are not on the same page. The modesty of the clothes the Duchess of Cambridge chooses to wear is also a bone of contention between the two.

It is known that Kate married Prince William in April 2011 after the pair first struck up a relationship at university. Reportedly they began dating in 2003 and announced their engagement in November 2010, just months before their wedding at Westminster Abbey. Kate Middleton is higher up the Royal hierarchy and as such will have to deal with the Queen more often than Meghan Markle.

Even Meghan Markle, who is expected to give birth this month, has had to go through her fair share of reprimands from the Queen, including the time she was forbidden from wearing particular pieces of jewellery. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have their own places in the Royal Palace but neither of them has free reign, as the Queen is still in charge.