Queen Mary and King Frederik of Denmark's Royal Portrait Embroiled in Photoshop Controversy as Fans Claim Two Separate Images Were Merged

This incident isn't the first time that questions have been raised on photos released by the Danish palace.

Queen Mary and King Frederik of Denmark have been accused by the Royal of editing their first official royal portrait, weeks after their British counterparts were slammed for posting a 'fake' Mother's Day photo. The Danish royal couple's official portrait, released on Friday, shows the Australian-born queen standing beside the king.

Queen Mary is adorned in a striking deep green velvet and lace gown, complemented by a set of heirloom jewels featuring matching emeralds, described as the crown's 'most complete.' While many commented on the photo's aesthetic appeal, some raised doubts that it had been digitally altered. Some said the couple "obviously" took separate images and then photoshopped them together.

Danes Do It Wrong

Queen Mary and King Frederik of Denmark
Queen Mary and King Frederik of Denmark in their new royal portrait X

"Was this photoshopped? I mean it looks like they were photographed separately then put together? Mary looks exquisite and Frederik, well the king looks like he just rolled out of bed," wrote one woman.

"Terrible translation. So stiff and awkward. AI," another user raised doubts.

Queen Mary
Queen Mary of Denmark X

"Beautiful photo, but another digitally enhanced royal photo," another user commented on the photo, receiving multiple "likes".

"It looks like Queen Mary has been put into the photo of Fred. The hand position is identical," said one fan.

However, the palace has officially confirmed the authenticity of the portrait, saying "the Royal House's official gala portrait has not been manipulated."

Kate Middleton fake photo
The Mother's Day photo of Kate Middleton with her children released Kensington Palace which is being called digitally manipulated and fake X

Speculation about potential photoshopping gained traction, particularly in light of recent rumors surrounding the prince's alleged affair.

Last year, the prince was reportedly seen spending time with Genoveva Casanova, a friend and socialite, in Spain, sparking speculation and fueling further scrutiny of the royal couple's public image.

"She has so much tension! and are they even together in the room, looks like a montage," said one user.

"Oh she looks beautiful, but so tense! Something's not right," wrote a second user.

"Why did he cheat I am so angry at him," wrote another.

Marriage and Speculation

Others continued to discuss the perceived demeanor of the royal couple, with some speculating about potential tension based on their body language in the photo.

Kate Middleton fake
Many have claimed that Prince Charles' fingers were lifted from another photo X

"That's one chilly looking Mary. I don't think she's all that wild about having to stand that close to Freddy!"

This incident isn't the first time that questions have been raised on photos released by the Danish palace. Previously, concerns were raised about a photo featuring Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine on their 13th birthday, with fans noting similarities to a previous group photo. This led to speculation about potential editing or manipulation for the birthday tribute.

People have been less trusting of royal photos following the release of the Mother's Day photo featuring Kate Middleton and her children, commissioned by Kensington Palace.

The portrait was marred by the discovery of 16 "errors," leading to its unprecedented recall by picture agencies.

Royal aides claimed that the photo was taken by Prince William himself. However, the photo came under intense scrutiny due to several apparent inaccuracies. Glaring discrepancies included Princess Charlotte's hand on Kate's zip, Prince Louis's jumper, and Prince George's arm, which were all glaring "wrong" by critics.

Other issues included Charlotte's skirt and knee, Louis's jumper and hand, Kate's hair, George's sleeve, as well as discrepancies related to the background, such as the ledge and step.