Britain's Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle greet well wishers as they leave after visiting
Britain's Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle greet well wishers Reuter

It seems that Meghan Markle has scared the Queen. Or at least put her on edge. And we have to say, that is no mean feat.

Reportedly the Queen is concerned about the impact a break between the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry could have on the Royal Family, expert Judi James claimed.

Ms. James said: "I'm just wondering whether a lot of the symbolism won't actually be worrying the older Royals.

"Those three quills —the one thing they don't like very much is being written about when it's somebody saying the wrong thing."

The body language expert continued: "I think they're used to new royal brides who keep slightly quiet, at least for a few months, possibly a couple of years.

"We saw with Meghan, she hit the ground running and she's the most eloquent member of all of that age group of royals which is fantastic—but she's reasonably spontaneous with that.

"I think the songbird—is there a little bit of a threat there?

"If anything goes wrong in the marriage, she's going to sing like a canary and tell everyone what's going on in the royal family? I'm sure that won't happen, but like everything about Meghan there's such a strong message there, such a personal message."

Ms. James added: "I think we're hearing from her that she won't be held back. It'll be interesting to see if anyone tries to hold back a little bit and make her more regal."

Well, it seems that the Palace secrets may not be secret if Meghan is slighted. Which makes us wonder if Meghan's crusade to stand on her own and separate from the Royal Family is because she is still not part of their inner circle. If she is still being treated like an outsider. If the Palace does fear secrets being spilled. They might still be keeping secrets from Meghan herself, not trusting her enough to let her in on the Royal Family's biggest secrets. That could be a reason Meghan is trying to be independent.