Queen Elizabeth health rumour: Monarch's health deteriorating, Twitter says

This is not the first time false rumours have surfaced about the longest reigning monarch's bad health.

Rumours about Queen Elizabeth's health sparked once again after she cancelled a recent appearance. Twitter claimed that the monarch's health is deteriorating as she did not attend the event she has been attending since 1943.

Royal fans expressed their concern regarding the queen's health, with some saying that she may soon die. However, these claims are baseless as the palace has made no official statement regarding the queen's health. The queen was also seen in good health recently at several events.

"I wonder if they are setting the stage for Queen Elizabeth to die? If she were to die, they would have a #StateFuneral for her," Twitter user @Q172018 said.

"Could be Queen Elizabeth's health is failing so they say," the same Twitter user said.

Queen Elizabeth
The Royal Family/ Instagram

"I do hope Britain's Queen Elizabeth's health improves soon," Twitter user @JoyceBruns said.

While rumours about the queen's health continue to make the rounds, the 93-year-old stepped out in a public. She was photographed driving her car to Sandringham, and netizens claimed that she was wearing an arm brace. Behind her private car was the vehicle of Princess Anne.

Earlier this month, Prince Philip also sparked concern among royal fans about his health with rumours claiming that he was dead. Some Twitter users claimed that an announcement will be made by BBC regarding his untimely demise. However, these rumors were completely incorrect.

Last month, the Duke of Edinburgh was rushed to the hospital to seek treatment for a pre-existing condition. He later was released from the hospital and recovered, following which he made several appearances.