According to reports, Queen Elizabeth is angry at Kate Middleton again. Apparently, the Queen is not happy with Kate's way of raising Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The Duchess of Cambridge wants to her kids to have a more down-to-earth living rather than the stuffy royal protocol.

Kate is keen to keep away all the royal traditions from George and Charlotte at their newly moved Kensington Palace. She wants her kids to grow up in a normal atmosphere. "An insider revealed that while George and Charlotte look as perfect young royals in photos, they are treated as regular kids at home upon orders of Kate Middleton. In fact, just like any kid their age, they are allowed to play in the mud, fall off ponies and prone to have creaming tantrums once in a while," Mstar News reported.

William and Kate's recent move to enrol George in a regular, co-ed and middle-class school also didn't go well with the Queen. Meanwhile, William is also drawing flak from Queen for his poor royal performances. A recent report on Mai Online stated that the Duke of Cambridge has carried out just "13 days of royal engagements" while the Queen—despite poor health—has 24 days of official duties. The future king is said to be in deep trouble as the couple find ways to skip their royal duties every now and then. Last year, William and Kate were the less worked royal with Prince Harry taking away the most worked royal. The Queen is said to be deeply disappointed with the developments and she has already sent many warning to the couple for skipping duties.

And, now it looks like Kate's modern ways to bring up her children will draw more trouble in the royal family.