Quarantine creativity at its peak: #HowTheBritishSolveProblems takes over Twitter

Twitter users have taken to the microblogging site to discuss the British way of life using #HowTheBritishSolveProblems

The UK's fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult one. The sheer number of cases has overwhelmed the government and the public infrastructure. The country has been under a lockdown over the past few weeks. Also, the general response to the government's approach has been critical.

At a time when most people are confined to their homes, social media has served as one of the few spaces where they can "get out" and have some fun. Over the past few hours, Twitter users have taken to the microblogging site to discuss the British way of life, especially about how they solve problems using #HowTheBritishSolveProblems.

Tweets enveloped in sarcasm and humour have flooded the platform giving users a much-needed break and some entertainment in the midst of the grim situation. Here are a few that will raise a few chuckles:

Kermit, The Frog from 'The Muppets'
Kermit Twitter

1. It's all about tea and biscuits

Jokes about the British and their tea time are infamous. Therefore, it is no surprise that it would make its way to Twitter as well.

2. It's the pub, grub, fish and chips and the British breakfast

Many tweets pointed out that solving the problem is less about addressing the problem and more about alcohol, eating fish and chips or indulging in a very classy breakfast.

3. The customary royal family and government bashing, with a touch of Bond

When it comes to being the butt of national ribbing, the queen and the royal family have always featured at the top of the list. Some tweets did not spare the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson either.

4. Humour is the key

Many Britons took to Twitter explaining that they solve problems, not in the ways the Americans think they do but by keeping calm and indulging in humour. Several of these tweets also featured memes or gifs of British national treasures, Mr Bean and Blackadder

5. Ignore the problem and the emotion

Taking a jibe at the prim and proper ways of the British, users went after the composed exterior they maintain by saying that they probably deal with the problem by pretending that it does not exist or bother them enough.