Qantas Separates 13-Month-Old Baby From Her Parents; Airline Moves Baby Onto A Different Flight From Her Parents

An Australian couple was left shocked when Qantas rebooked their 13-months-old daughter's ticket onto a separate flight. Stephanie and Andrew Braham was scheduled to take a flight for Australia when the airline rescheduled their travel.

Qantas made the couple wait for more than 21 hours for their issue. To solve the issue, the couple made over 55 calls to the offshore support center of Qanta, according to Daily Mail.

Qantas Boeing 737
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Qantas Refused To Accept The Liability For The Mistake

Refusing to accept the liability for the mistake, the airline stated that they didn't do anything wrong as they had booked a ticket for her.

The mother of the baby told Today that they spent 20 hours 47 minutes and 13 seconds on the phone with Qantas over a 24-hour period before and over 55 separate phone calls before they finally agreed to book us on new flights home.

The Trip is Scheduled For 12 Days After

Due to shifting the baby on another flight, the family is now forced to wait for over two weeks and stay in Rome on their own expenses. The airline made them wait for a full day and has now scheduled the ticket of the trio on a flight together. But the trip is scheduled for 12 days after their previous booking.

Qantas Say They 'Sincerely Apologize' To The Family

In a statement to Daily Mail Australia, Qantas say they 'sincerely apologize' to the family and that a 'backend administrative error' between the airline and partner KLM saw the child automatically moved to another flight.

Qantas Will Provide Reimbursement For Their Accommodation

'We are reaching out to the family to provide support and will provide reimbursement for their accommodation,' a spokeswoman said.

It's not the first such complaint against the airline, but the company is under fire under the control of Alan Joyce, CEO of Qantas.

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This article was first published on July 21, 2022