Putin's Poop is Collected In Small Packets, Placed Inside A Briefcase By His Bodyguards; Here's Why

Members of Russia's security services have a special job to do whenever President Vladimir Putin goes on a foreign trip. His bodyguards are required to collect his poop in special packets to let people and other countries not know about Putin's health secrets, according to a report.

Russia's Federal Protection Service Members' job includes placing all poop packets in a briefcase and ensuring that they are returned to Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin IANS

Move Aims To Keep Putin's Health Issues A Secret

The move aims to prevent other countries to know the exact health of Putin as there have been various claims about his health that he is suffering from Parkinson's and cancer. But Kremlin has always maintained that Putin is fit for the job and doesn't have any serious illness.

Half a Dozens Security Members Guard Putin Near Bathroom

Two investigative journalists at French news magazine Paris Match claimed that the collection of Vladimir Putin's excrement is part of the Federal Protection Service's job, as they are tasked with protecting high-ranking state officials at whatever cost, according to Daily Mail.

During Putin's visit to France in May 2017 and Saudi Arabia in October 2019, it was reported that he either had a private toilet or was accompanied by a number of bodyguards to the bathroom.

Use of Portable Toilet

During a Ukraine summit in Paris, Putin was again spotted going to the bathroom with at least half a dozen bodyguards.

The report has also been confirmed by a former BBC journalist Farida Rustamova, who confirmed that one of the sources had revealed that Putin has been taking his own toilets on foreign trips.

The use of a porta potty and collection of poops are his efforts to ensure that his health details are not known to other countries. Russians fear that if they don't follow such proc Western spies would be