Putin Undergoes Abdominal Surgery; Used Deep Fake Technology in Online Meeting to Hide Illness - Report

Russian President Vladimir Putin has undergone an abdominal surgery, Kremlin insiders have revealed, stressing that the procedure to remove fluid from his abdomen was successful. Previously, it had emerged that Putin was suffering from cancer for months.

The surgery to remove fluid from his abdominal cavity was separate from the surgery linked to cancer, claimed Telegram channel SVR, citing sources in the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin

Putin Underwent Surgery on May 12

The channel claimed that Putin underwent the surgery on the night of May 12 and the surgery was completed successfully without any complications. Putin's cancer operation is yet to take place, although this surgery was related to his abdominal cancer.

Putin has cancer
Vladimir Putin web screen grab

If the report is true, the surgery took place on the night of Putin's lover Alina Kabaeva's 39th birthday. General SVR has stated that its reports regarding Putin's illness are based on intelligence" from an exiled Kremlin lieutenant-general insider who is known by the alias Viktor Mikhailovich, according to The Mirror.

Putin Has More Serious Illness

Putin's abdominal surgery suggests that he could have a serious illness but there's no information available on his health now.

It also emerged that Putin is suffering from Parkinson's disease. But Kremlin has maintained that Putin doesn't suffer from any illness and he is fit to govern the country.

Putin Used Deep Fake Technology

The channel also claimed that Putin tried to hide his surgery. He used deep-fake technology to create the illusion of his presence last week during an online meeting with the security council. The move aimed to maintain secrecy that Putin was undergoing an operation.

Putin's public appearances showed unusual gestures of Russia's strongman which led experts to speculate Putin suffers from many diseases.

Critics of the Russian leader have stated that mysterious disappearances, unusual gestures, and others do suggest that he is unwell.

"It is an undeniable fact that [Putin] has a whole bunch of quite serious diseases," said Prof Solovey, who claims to have secret sources in the Kremlin, told Zhivoi Gvozd Youtube channel, according to Metro.